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Belle Mare Beach – Mauritius

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When we heard about Belle Mare, we also heard about the urbanization. Some were quite adamant about it, saying that the old Mauritius was now gone and that in its place will be high rises and blacktop that will forever change the beauty and innocence of this place.

Belle Mare is one of those places that you hear about. Everyone rushing to cash in on the real estate explosion. And although its been going on for a few years, now, Belle Mare still has a lot to offer if you don’t mind getting an earful from one of the locals. In our opinion, we leave best alone. If it’s a paradise without the condos, why change things?

Belle Mare Beach, Mauritius

Affected by build-out is Belle Mare. City sprawl; with mortgage rates as high as the market will bear – residences are popping up in places affecting the natural lay of the land. Could this beauty go the way of the dodo bird?

This beauty lies on Mauritius’ east coast. It’s known for calm waters as there is a great, deep lagoon that runs between the shoreline and the beach. Quite possibly the reason for new mortgage offers here is because the deep water affords homeowners the ability to port a boat.

Belle Mare Beach, Mauritius

In addition to the lovely beach, Belle Mare has perhaps the best golf course on the island. There are two courses close by – one 18 hole, especially for the guests of the Belle Mare Plage Hotel and another 9 hole with some respectable greens.

The sand is pristine, and very white. This beach lies vacant for most of the week. Weekends bring residents from the surrounding homes and neighborhood. Get here early in the day and spend the whole time along the strand. Pictures don’t do justice. It’s simply breathtaking.

Belle Mare Beach, MauritiusBelle Mare – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – fine grain powder, coral based.
  • Facilities – close, but must walk a bit.
  • Shade – hundreds of coconut palms.
  • Sports – none offered.
  • Notes – locals love this beach; can get crowded on weekends.

There’s a reason they call the next bay “blue”. It’s that hue you see and have no words to describe. One of those world class postcard beaches is our next stop! >>

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