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United States

Map of the United States
Beaches of Hawaii Hawaii – What a place to start. When Hawaii became the 50th state, I’m not sure they knew the beauty they had. Untold dozens of best beaches in a wide variety of colors. Something truly for everyone.
West Coast
Beaches in California California – Surf’s up, dude! Seriously, the beaches along the California coast are wide and beautiful. And there are so many where you can find tons of room. Go exploring. We’re here to help.
Oregon Beaches Oregon – Starting with Cannon Beach with its dramatic rocks and shallows, to the shore along Ecola State Park, Oregon beaches are an explorers delight. Trails, outlooks, waves and pools are all here.
Gulf Coast
Beaches in Texas Texas – Smooth sandy beaches that are shallow and full of life, Texas beaches are worth a visit. South Padre might be the most popular, but Galveston and Mustang Island can’t be missed.
East Coast
Delaware Beaches Delware – What I love about the Delaware beaches is that they are combined with oceanside shops and restaurants where you can totally relax and enjoy your day. Everybody talks about DBC.
Beaches in Georgia Georgia – Near Savannah you have Tybee Island, but Georgia is blessed with Cumberland and Jekyll as well. Sun and the Gulfstream current make this area really a good find.
Massachusetts Beaches Massachusetts – Come find out the secret many have been hiding here for decades. Beautiful beaches, in fact, one made the top 10 this year.
Beaches in New Jersey New Jersey – People love to have fun in Jersey and the beaches are no exception. Morey’s Piers is on the beach and is an amusement park. Pleasant Point Beach has a unique boardwalk. And Island Beach State Park is “the” beach for summer here.
New York Beaches New York – The #1 Beach of 2010 is right here in New York. Beautiful shorelines and well kept facilities make New York an excellent choice…in the summer.
Beaches in New Jersey North Carolina – Barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina make for miles and miles of beautiful beaches. So much American history here, it’s worth a family beach vacation. Plus, Cape Hatteras was the #4 beach of 2010!
Virginia Beaches Virginia – The area around Virginia Beach is known by locals for wide, warm beaches that can get busy on weekends and holidays. Look for surfing in this area as well. The Atlantic can get hairy here.