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Cap Malheureux Beach – Mauritius

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cap malheureaux beach mauritius

If you had to give it all up and pursue another career, and you liked fishing with a wonderful view, you might give Cap Malheureux (Unhappy Cape) a chance. I looked at this place and thought, man… Mark Twain was right! God did start with Mauritius and then created paradise.

cap malheureaux beach mauritiusIt’s really that incredible, and pictures just can’t capture the beauty. Cap Malheureux Beach is located at the northern tip of the main island of Mauritius. Cap Malheureux is still a small fishing village, so you’d fit right in here if you gave up your current occupation.

Then there’s moving the family off to Mauritius, saying goodbye to the relatives, but hey… who said paradise was easy?

Beautiful it IS, no denying that. And from Cap Malheureux you can see a few of the other island, so the setting is that more dramatic.

stamp from mauritius - Ile PlateTake for instance Ile Plate, famous for its lighthouse built around the mid 1800’s and still functioning. Ile Plate isn’t really all that “flat”, but maybe the nominator was contrasting it to the main island of Mauritius, or even, Coin de Mire (Gunner’s Quoin).

Coin de Mire is what you see in all the photos of Cap Malheureux Beach. All of these small islands just have a few rats, geckos and some rare flora. But in the day, the great rock island was the launching point for the English in 1810 as they took Mauritius from the French – an occupation which lasted until 1968.

Why in the world would the English want Mauritius?

The French harassed British vessels en route to India for trade, plus the Brits saw possession as complete control of the Indian Ocean. And it remained that way until the Japanese changed things with World War II in 1941.

Hey, up next a funny name for a fun beach. It sits on a beautiful lagoon and is another place where construction may change the face of Eden – on our way to the most popular beach on Mauritius – NEXT >>

at cap malheureaux beach mauritiusCap Malheureux – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – medium grain, coral based, some debris
  • Facilities – near by commercial buildings
  • Shade – adult trees border beach
  • Sports – wreck diving, swimming
  • Notes – gets it’s name (malheureux, mal-humor, sad) from the many ships that wrecked here.
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  • Anonymous May 15, 2007, 6:00 am

    only one words ..Mauritius is realy a paradise

  • Anonymous January 12, 2009, 10:28 pm

    there is really nothing better than Mauritian beaches.

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