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Anjuna Beach, Goa, India

Anjuna Beach Report, Goa, India
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Oh, because of the way Goa is seemingly stuck in the 1960’s, I always think of Flower Power when I see any report of a beach along Goa’s long and beautiful coast. And Anjuna Beach is no exception. Think about long flowing robes and the smell of incense in the morning. Walk for miles along this wide strip of soft sand and take in the smell of the ocean as it comes in from the west.

Did I mention the sunsets here are spectacular? Yes, and dining right on the beach while enjoying that sunset, local music and local cuisine could just take me back to hippie days. Where’s my bandanna?

There are so many ways to get here but if you still don’t know where we are, think of India and its west coast. Then right smack dab in the middle of that coast is the state of Goa. It used to be a Portuguese stronghold so some of the city names still have Portuguese ring to them. But this is all India now…complete with cows on your beach.

This is the way it looks in many parts of Anjuna Beach in Goa. There are very hip (as in hippie) bars and taverns along the shore and sport rentals that will keep you busy during the daylight hours. There are even flea markets scattered along the beach and of course people who will try to sell you everything from toys to well…other things.

It’s not hard to get to Goa from within India. There are many buses and train lines that can take you. There are flights from Mumbai and New Delhi as well. Plan to stay in the area a few days to at least be exposed to the differing culture here in Goa as compared to the rest of the nation. Yes, flower power.

At night, the sand cools and the quaint restaurants transform into a mix of colored lights and loud music. The smell of curry fills the air with dishes from around the area. You can dance or sit and sip; enjoying the sunset in all the colors of the end of another day in India. You can’t forget you’re here – don’t worry. There are so many visual cues your mind will take months to escape them.

People venture to Anjuna Beach for a number of reasons: to see the very best of India’s coast, to celebrate a wedding, to come back to where they once visited many moons ago. Whatever your reason, there is enough culture here to stay for months. Take for example the temples that are just inland. And if you want to venture up the coast, there are any number of small cities that cry to be sampled. Colors, smells, sounds.

Cow on Anjuna Beach, GOAGoa sees a boom in population during the end of the year with many spectacular parties celebrating the season. If you happen here during that time of year, ask around to find out where the fun is and see first-hand how crazy this place can be. Parties happen right one the beach and inland.

Anjuna Beach, Goa, Beach Index:

  • Brown fine sand, wide beach
  • Animals on the beach: cows, dogs
  • Scattered facilities along beach
  • Sports – kayaks, wave runners, stand-up surfboarding
  • Family friendly

Flights to Goa, India:

From Duration Airlines
Mumbai, India 1h 4m Jet Airways, Air India, Go Air
New Delhi, India 2h 28m SpiceJet, IndiGo, Go Air
Ahmedabad, India 1h 40m SpiceJet, IndiGo
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