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Ganpatipule Beaches Konkan India

Ganpatipule Beaches Konkan India
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The main attraction of Ganpatipule beach is quiet and picturesque which has remained untouched by tourist traffic and its natural treasures and beauty of the best way. Whether you make a romantic evening stroll or simply for a quiet, blue waves lap gently your feet and white sand will get you to sandcastles! Ganpatipule beach is a treat to watch, its unmatchable beauty is simply awesome. In addition, widest range of green floras adds to the prestige of the place.

Ganpatipule beach a clean water beach with the added attraction of the Ganesha temple is the tourist best bet. Dahanu – Bordi beach the uncluttered beach famous for chickoo’s and fruit orchards, also houses the beautiful building of the Zoroastrian fire temple.

Sea Rock Ganpatipule IndiaOn his way there, he stumbled upon a naturally formed Ganapati idol. Seeing this as a good omen, he built a temple there. The waters of Ganapatipule beaches are blue and the sands, white. The unforgettable fragrance of fruits, flowers and mangroves at Ganpatipule leave you mesmerized.

Ganapatipule has a Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) resort as well along with other privately operated resorts and home stays. MTDC resort also offers bamboo house stay and tents and offers small boats for rides.

Nestled in the greenery is an almost 4000 year old land mark – the Swayambhu Ganapati temple (Swayambhu means ‘self-made’, this is a temple of the self-originated idol, Ganapati). It is flooded by thousands of devotees and tourists every year. Ganapatipule is well connected by road (try the excellent luxury bus services) and rail. Since then, Ganapatipule has been the ideal getaway for peace-seekers, beach-lovers and Ganesh worshippers.

Ganpatipule Beach, India

The temple of the ‘Swayambhu Ganapati’ is known for its unique idol of Lord Ganapati and its magnificient temple (‘Swayambhu’ or self originated, not manmade, ‘Ganapati’ or the lord of ‘ganas’ or army. The temple is 400 years old and is at the foot of a hillock. The waters of Ganapatipule beaches are blue and the sands, white.

The unforgettable fragrance of fruits, flowers and mangroves at Ganapatipule leave you mesmerized. Accommodation at Ganapatipule is ample – MTDC has a holiday resort which offers dormitories as well as ultra-modern suites.

Ganpati tample _ Ganpatipule

Free time & lunch at Ganapatipule beach resort. During the noon time board the bus for sight seeing tour of Ratnagiri town. Flanked by stretches of scenery, Ganapatipule is the seaside resort of today-especially , for families.

Some interesting day-trips are the Jaigad beach and the fort, the Velneshwar beach temple and Pawas, where Swami Swarupanand’s Ashram is located. Nandgaon is famous for its Ganapati temple and the annual fair held in honour of ths elephant-headed god every February.

As the sun sets, streetlights come on at once around the complete perimeter of the lake. It is a moment with something extra to make your vacation unforgettable. The highlight of the beach is the grove of coconut trees and the small temple at the bottom of the hill to the north of the beach.

a beach in ratnagiri

The temple has a convenient fresh water spring just outside the entrance and its located just right to “shower” down after a romp in the sea. Idyllic beaches with graceful palm trees that sway in tune with the ever-changing sea winds. Sands which vary in texture and range in color from golden to gray to silver.

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  • Pavan December 15, 2008, 9:56 am

    nicely described about the place…m plannin to visit this place on the new year day…can u suggest me wat are the dos and don’s and wat shouldn i miss..
    good job once again

  • pooja April 8, 2010, 4:30 am

    Malgund beach about 4 kms from ganpatipule is safe,clean and not so crowded as ganpatipule. We recently had been to ganpatipule and stayed at atharva residency malgund ganpatipule about 2kms from temple. They suggested us malgund beach and we really enjoyed on the malgund beach

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