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Praslin Island Beaches Seychelles

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Seychelles - Praslin Island from La Digue
Seychelles – Praslin Island from La Digue

Lemuria Resort on Praslin Island is a recreation of this lost paradise, set in a spectacular vista of azure seas, white beaches, tranquil lagoons and tropical palm groves, it seems to have been an immaculate conception. It appears among the trees without in the least disturbing the island’s luxuriant vegetation. The location on Praslin island is really good, and the beach is just wonderful – in fact one of the best at Praslin. The hotel is very nice and standard is high, and I would call it controlled luxury. The magical Praslin Island is surrounded by some other stunning islands. To make your trip more exciting, book in advance your stay in any of the available accommodations.

The other tourist office on Praslin Island is found at the airport. The village of Grand Anse is where the bulk of the Praslin travel agencies can be found, and it’s also home to some banks and a post office.

In the past, the Coco de-Mar had great value, it was treasured dearly, a treasure for Kings and Sultans only. Should any person find this coconut on a beach he had to give it immediately to the King, if he kept it and was discovered he would pay with his life. Tropique Villa is located on the western coastline of Praslin with a direct access to Grande Anse beach. She worked for one of the biggest tour operator Travel services for 7 years, then 8 years for the ministry of Tourism as tourism representative for Praslin. And the relative isolation of Anse Lazio was wonderful after the bustle of Victoria and the resorts of Beau Vallon. We took one bus trip around the island, and saw the Vallee du Mai, but I was happy to sit on the boat and enjoy the clearish water and the beach.

Along the shoreline, the Aldabra sacred Ibis together with a whole host of black-napped and crested terns including caspians may be seen. Other birds include the greater flamingo and the malagasy kestrel, which are probably recent colonists. Since we’re sure your needs are unique and you’re looking for the best possible itinerary and activity mix for you, the best thing to do is to discuss your plans with us. Give us a ring and we’ll delight you with our indepth knowledge of the areas that we offer and our great trip choices. On the island oxcart is the main transport, there are bicycles that can be rented too. La Digue is the third most populated island after Mahend Praslin. It has around 2.000 inhabitants.

DSC_0009 M Anse Georgette
Anse Georgette

Anse Lazio, “the best beach in the world”, lies at the northernmost tip of Praslin. The coco de mer, one of the eternal symbols of Seychelles is found in the Vallee de Mai forest, a World Heritage Site. Enjoy a la carte lunch or dinner right on the beach with breezy and panoramic view of Cote d’Or beach that will surely give you an unforgettable dining experience. While the Fregate Restaurant serves daily breakfast and buffet themed dinners.

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