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Review of Galley Bay Resort Antigua

Antigua Galley Bay
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All inclusive is in at Galley Bay Resort and it’s a treat for adults who want to escape. Secluded yet perfectly situated on a west coast lagoon, this resort features tropical gardens placed strategically next to a bird sanctuary. Miss those chirps and calls in the morning? Galley Bay has them.

There are 96 first class rooms so this is a large facility with a quarter mile private beach – which is top shelf as well. The sand is fine grained and white and will comfort those feet as you walk the length to start and end your day here.

The rooms are beautiful and what you’d expect for a high quality resort. Full service by the restaurant and maid service is always available. One price pays all. The layout makes it easy to get around and venture through the forty acres and come back for rest and relaxation.

Review of Galley Bay Resort Antigua

The pool has a nice waterfall and a bar area. There is plenty of room here and at the time of this writing they had a great Caribbean band featuring some gentle music to soothe your stress away. And don’t forget about the bay. Galley Bay is known for its picturesque views anytime, but mostly at dusk. Sit back, relax and absorb the beauty. Recharge here. It’s easy.

There are some fun nature trails around the property as well. Or you can take a boat trip to Tobago Cays. Figure out what is exciting to you and plan with the concierge. It can’t go wrong here. We sound like an advertisement for the resort, but we’re not. This is just a nice place and we felt we should cover it. Let us know if you’ve stayed here and how was your experience.

This is the best way to get away from it all and enjoy a relaxing day in paradise.

Galley Bay again
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