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Arashi Beach – Aruba

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Arashi Beach Aruba

Is it unbelievably clear? Yes. Is it really that color? Yes. Can you see anything snorkeling here? Yes. It is Arashi Beach Aruba and one of our favorite beaches because you can lay in the sun on the sand and snorkel about from the same location. Baby Beach is like this – Arashi Beach is bigger and sweet.

Calm surf and a mostly sandy bottom make Arashi Beach one of the best swimming sites. At Arashi Beach, you’ll find the best of both worlds. If you like to lay in the sun and take a dip in the cool ocean in the afternoon, but your partner likes to snorkel, Arashi Beach and Baby Beach are two recommended spots.

Arashi Beach ArubaArashi is near the California Lighthouse, and California Point. As you may know, almost all of the beaches on Aruba are on the west side of the island. Arashi will be the furthest one north.

Arashi means “storm” in Japanese, and we’re not sure how this beach got its name. There certainly isn’t much Japanese in the native Arubian language.

For sun worshipers, the white sand is soft, but look for pebbles and stones. If you arrive early, you may just be in luck to command one of the few beach huts which will provide welcome shade after a few hours of soaking in that vitamin D.

From here you can look back to Aruba Palm Beach and the windsurf rentals and school. And there are some really cool (expensive) houses out in this area as well. Rumor has it that some underworld kingpins live in this area, so be careful who you snorkel into. Here you will see plenty of squids and tropical fish when the surf cooperates. The sea bed here gradually tapers off into the darkness – sand all the way. You can see a good 150 feet or more on a normal day. Also, check out the view of the surf off the Aruba California Lighthouse point. It can whip up some pretty gnarly waves.

There are no facilities at Arashi Beach, and a trek back to the high-rise hotels will take you a good 15 minutes. Keep that in mind.

Coming up, Arashi Beach is a snorkeler’s paradise! Come find out the best time of day to get the clearest water. Next! >>

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Arashi Beach ArubaArashi Beach Aruba

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  • John F May 27, 2008, 9:30 pm

    Manchebo Beach is also one of the beautiful beaches in Aruba. It’s located at Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa.

  • Terry April 15, 2009, 9:29 am

    My wife and I loved Arashi Beach. We stayed in Aruba for a week. Our final day, we both decided that, rather than explore another beach, we just wanted to go back to Arashi. I’m a photographer and happened to capture a gentle wave washing over a coral-covered rock, an image that I think speaks to the tranquility of this place.

  • jessica burris November 8, 2009, 1:13 pm

    does anyone know what is needed to rent beach chairs and umbrellas on the island? do i need a permit, or business license? let me know what you guys know.


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