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Best Beaches of Andros, Bahamas

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Beaches of Andros Island Bahamas

When we decided to do a review of the Bahamas, of course, everyone wanted to go. There are so many beaches and cool hang outs that this would be a sweet vacation, even if we had to work. But one thing struck us as we were wrapping up the content and pictures for the Andros area of the Bahamas is that the people are what really make this place so special. And they are everywhere to help. The Bahamian people don’t shy from wanting to make you feel welcome on their island. And they want to make sure you have a good time so you will come back soon. So it was with great anticipation we reviewed this lovely place and yes, want to go back soon.

Beaches of Andros Island BahamasIf you’ve been to South Florida, you know the white sand beaches that grace Andros Island. Andros, along with Bimini, are the closest islands to the Sunshine State. But Andros is the bigger of the two with some interesting facts.

Legend has it that strange creatures once inhabited these islands of dense forests and small streams. Andros is actually the largest island in the Bahamian nation. And if Bahama had an “outback”, Andros would be it. Mangrove swamps and forests are home to a myriad of fauna. If you have the time, check out the grand population of flamingos native to Andros.

Andros Island has some world class diving as well. A great barrier reef is the third largest in the world. Some come to experience the mysterious underwater “blue holes”. Others come looking for Sir Henry Morgan’s pirate treasure – supposedly buried in a cave on the northern end of the island.

Diving Andros Island BahamasWorld class bluefin tuna and marlin fishing can be arranged from town center. And the bonefishing is tops here.

The beaches along the east coast are as unspoiled as anywhere in the world. There are many hotels and guest cottages down the east coast where you can set up base and explore for days up and down the coast.

Andros Islands – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – bright white, coral based.
  • Facilities – few hotels and cottages.
  • Shade – coconut palms, some mangroves close to beach.
  • Sports – few snorkel rentals and dive rentals at some hotels.
  • Notes – great budget vacation location!

Did you catch them all? The index is here to see them all again!

Beaches of Andros Island BahamasBeaches of Andros Island Bahamas
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