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Paradise Island, Bahamas

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Paradise Island is the perfect destination for your dream vacation. Here’s an island that has something for everyone. If you’re looking for a bargain vacation, then Paradise Island is not for you. Rooms are around $400 a night. So, for a better value, it’s best to focus on such places as Mexico, Central America or other countries with a favorable exchange rate. Make Three Best Beaches your ticket to planning a wonderful dream vacation to the Bahamas. Paradise Island is just a short trip away from the United States and the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters of Paradise Island, with the wonder and glamour of the mega-resort Atlantis are right at your fingertips.


A few things shaped our opinion that Paradise Island is best considered a family vacation destination. Yes, it was crowded, literally teeming with children and aggrieved-looking caretakers.  We were not comped for this trip.  Paradise Island is located off the shore of the city of Nassau and it is perhaps the best know Bahamian vacation destination, featuring also some of the best hotels in Bahamas.  Assuming you get there in one piece, the publically accessible beach on Paradise Island is pretty nice. The beach and water are very clean, with a light surf and a decent shallow drop off pretty safe for all but really small kids.

Palm Tree Shade on Paradise Island

The largest and most visited, the 2,317-room Atlantis Hotel Bahamas is comprised of three main towers, namely the Coral Towers, the Royal Towers and the Beach Towers, all of them featuring world class accommodations and amenities. Rising above the beach, the Beach Towers feature great greenery and flowers.  There are both private yacht charters and for professional grade Bahamas big game sportfishing . For full day or half day fishing charters, private beach parties, island excursions and long range adventures to the Bahama out islands, you have many choices.

RIU Paradise Island - Nassau, Bahamas - September 2007.

There are many great beach resorts on the islands, but you can also plan a vacation getaway with a very private vacation rental in the Bahamas.  The Bahamas Islands are full of exciting activities. Vacationers can learn to scuba dive or snorkel on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Paradise Island, Nassau, Eleuthera, and Abaco.  Located near the northern Caribbean in the majesty of the wonderful Gulf Stream, Paradise Island is an exclusive unique and fun resort nestled in the most magical white sand beaches of the planet.

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