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Cayo Levantado Dominican Republic

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Cayo Levantado is a place where holidaymakers and the lush vegetation vie with each other for supremacy. The boat departs at 9:30 and Cayo Levantado is gorgeous. I could have stayed there all day. No doubt, Cayo Levantado is one of the favorite places for visitors because of its tropical Caribbean island ambience. Wooded areas and coconut palms border beautiful white sand beaches, which make it an idyllic place for visitors.

With a visit to the Amber Gallery, the Brugal Rum distillery and the San Felipe fortress you will learn about the history of this oldest city on the north coast. However, a recent study has shown that all the North Atlantic schools come to mate in our waters. During January through March, about ten thousand of these amazing creatures return to this area from the North Atlantic, to nurse their young and mate. Boat excursions from the town’s port take groups just outside the bay to witness these incredible creatures frolic in the sea.

Gran Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado

Their most popular winter rendezvous is Silver Bank, the 3,000-square-kilometer reef system approximately 70 miles north east of Puerto Plata. More than 1,500 humpbacks visit the bay, with as many as 300 present at any given time. The Humpback whales have been wintering near Samana for centuries and thousands of these whales from the North Atlantic migrate to savor the warm and clear waters and to mate and to give birth. As many as 300 whales may be present at any given time. Casual restaurants are plentiful here, many of which are owned by expats from Europe (especially France) and North America.

The natural beauty of rainforest vegetation blends with pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Due to its location, it is the perfect spot to view humpbacked whales from January to March. The early Carib people called Martinique “the island of flowers,” and indeed, with plenty of lush vegetation and fragrant flora, it still is. The port city of Fort-de-France offers chic shopping and plenty of colonial history. It has rainforest vegetation, paradisiacal white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and extremely beautiful landscape. Two main swimming pools with open-air Jacuzzis and a hydromassage swimming pool with bar; all are equipped with wooden hammocks.

The cayes are islands that are located between the mainland and the barrier reef, on the barrier reef, and on or within the barrier reef perimeters of the offshore atolls. Experience a completely different side of the island with a visit to the Dominican Alps. A day of spectacular mountain scenery, green valleys, clear streams and tumbling waterfalls. Discover a sanctuary of birds that reign over a multitude of small islands and mangroves. Explore caves covered with intricate stalagmites and stalactites as well as ancient paintings and sculptures that represent the gods of the Taino Indians native to this island.

Palm Cayo Levantado peninsula Samana  Dominican Republica

If you want a truly relaxing holiday in a breathtakingly beautiful part of the island, this is the place to be. Las Terrenas is 30 minutes away and Semana can be reached by taking a short boat trip, both these resorts have bars, restaurants, shops and watersports. Gran Bahia Principe Hotel is located in Samana, one of the most night vivacious zones of the entire Dominican Republic, with bars, discotheques, music, parties, that unique warmth that is only found in this beautiful island.

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