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Dominican Republic Beaches

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Did you know there are no thunderstorms in the Dominican Republic? This makes for wonderful, long days at the beaches where the only thing you really have to worry about is the traffic on your way to and from the beach – unless… unless you’re in awe inspiring Punta Cana or on the northern coast near Samana, or maybe Las Terrenas! New and exciting beach destination pop up here almost each month, and we’re hopping on planes and helicopters to cover them all. In fact, you may even consider becoming an expat here and buy some land near the beach at a great price. Let’s take a look.

Dominican Republic Beaches

No way would we have thought of quick divorce and Dominican Republic synonymous. If there were one place in the Caribbean we could point you to for inexpensive resorts and sugar-white beaches, the Dominican Republic would be our destination of choice.

It’s romantic! And, it’s the fastest-growing destination in the Caribbean because of the low prices and beautiful terrain. Especially, the Punta Cana area – what a boom!

Dominican Republic BeachesAnd now with airfares so low, it just makes sense to come visit where the government is stable and the people are downright friendly!

Canadians have known about the Dominican Republic for years. The make up the bulk of North American tourists. But Americans are now waking up to the bargain and websites are catering to their every need.

Columbus found the Dominican Republic on his very first voyage to the New World. He said it was, “the most beautiful island in the world“. A settlement was founded in 1493 and ruins still remain near Montecristi.

The Dominican Republic is located amongst the islands of Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. It is on the isle of Hispaniola (meaning Little Spain), and is divided between Haiti on the west and Dominican Republic on the east – about the size of the state of Vermont and New Hampshire combined. Most of the island interior is sugar cane plantations.

The cool thing is that much of what Columbus saw still remains – a natural, virgin landscape – still unspoiled. And, one-third of the island’s coastline is the awesome beaches, which we’ll review next! But make a point of your travel here, to include a road trip somewhere along the coastal regions. Now, we must warn you right away, driving in the Dominican Republic is probably the most challenging we’ve seen in all of our journeys. Not for the faint of heart.

Where are the best beaches on the island? Which have dangerously strong currents? Come see – Next! >>

Dominican Republic – BEACH INDEX:

    • Sand – Most beaches are brilliant white, due to the high content of coral/shell.
    • Facilities – DR beaches have full facilities near the tourist centers.
    • Shade – Expect tall coconut palms. Tourist beaches offer umbrellas/shades.
    • Sports – Full service at tourist centers. Sports fishing great in most areas.
    • Notes – best time to visit – late November to April, as humidity is lower, temperature cooler. However, resorts are reporting high volume throughout the year due to the great bargains currently found.

    Find the very best picks for Dominican Republic beach destinations in the upper right hand navigation.

    Dominican Republic Beaches

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    • karen vargas December 8, 2010, 11:09 am

      i L-O-V-E the beaches in dom.republic.!
      i wanna go there sooo bad.! everything looks so beautiful…
      i just love it.!
      anybody who stays there is veryy luckiie.! 😉

      karen vargas .nena’

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