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Playa Monte Cristi, Montecristi – Dominican Republic

Playa Montecristi Dominican Republic

In the far north-west corner of the Dominican Republic, is the province of Montecristi. This is home to Monte Cristi Beach, or Playa Monte Cristi. Since Monte Cristi Beach sits on the Atlantic, again we are faced with some rough waters at times.

Playa Montecristi Dominican Republic

Columbus first sighted this island in this area. As a matter of fact, ruins can still be found in the area from the first European settlement.

Certain areas of Montecristi have been nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage Center. So, when you’re not enjoying the beach – take a tour through this historic city.

There is no escaping the huge “El Morro” next to the small island named Pablillo. That’s where our beach is found. It’s semi-circular and has significant surf, for the most part. You can surf and boogie board here. You will note that the sand is more golden here. This is because of the mix from the rock.

El Morro Beach (or Montecristi) is rarely crowded and mainly secluded. The beach is rocky in places.

Playa Montecristi Dominican Republic

Since you’re not far from the Haitian border, the food here is worth checking out. There’s a mix you’ll not find elsewhere. So, enjoy your time here – remember that there is not much in the way of food or facilities near the beach. Always take a buddy.

The sand here is special, because much of it is from the the mountain. You’ll find it a special hue and nicely packed. We found hardly anyone on the beach – so you’ll have it to yourself, most likely. There’s a small island right offshore that makes for a picturesque scene, which can lead to beautiful sunsets.

Surf? It can get rough here and there is a significant drop off, so be prepared. There are some rocks in the water as well. Make sure you wear protective footwear if you venture out in the surf. This is worth a visit if you are in the area. Our interest was in the Christopher Columbus connection. Think of what the Dominican Republic would have looked like to a crew. Wonder what they thought of the land they gazed upon?

Playa Monte Cristi – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – rocky, heavy grained.
  • Facilities – must walk back up path to beach. Plan accordingly.
  • Shade – none.
  • Sports – nice surf for boogie boarding, some surfing.
  • Notes – not a family beach. Dramatic landscape.

Playa Montecristi Dominican Republic

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