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Playa Rincon, Samana – Dominican Republic

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Playa Rincon Samana

Las Galeras, the once small fishing village has awakened. It was once untouched, with a natural beauty found only in the most remote spots. But, because it is close to the city of Samana, wealthy Dominicans made it their weekend paradise.

Since that time, Las Galeras has been set on the map mainly by abundance of beaches and the landscape that is majestic and simple, all at the same time. Las Galeras Beach is here, as well as the more famous Playa Rincon.  And people are awakening to see that this is prime ocean front property with beautiful year-round weather in a country with a stable government, and far away from it all.  What more could you ask for?  Oh, and the problem with mosquitoes? Ask me what they’re doing to combat them.  Pretty high tech!

Rincon is a quiet beach, usually deserted, on a small bay – but with no hotels in site. And, no vendors, booths, signs, radios – all the paraphernalia that comes with a popular beach. Nearby, a fresh-water lagoon to rinse off in. Sweet.

You don’t need a boat to get to Playa Rincon, Dominican Republic. You can get a taxi out of Las Terrenas or Samana to Las Galeras. Just before Las Galeras you’ll see the turn-off to Playa Rincon. The road is pretty rugged from here, so plan accordingly (timewise).  If you do have the time, plan a stop at one of the local eateries and experience what food in this neck of the woods is like. You won’t find more hospitable people than Dominicans. They know what they have and they are proud of it. This is pretty close to paradise.  Just look.

Playa Rincon SamanaSo plan to eat at Playa Rincon as the fish and langosta are reportedly the best in the Dominican Republic. And, if time permits, take a tour down to beautiful Playa Bonita. It’s romantic and peaceful.

But any place along the shore is simply breathtaking and well worth your visit. See if you can book online for a week or month and spend time here getting to know the whole concept of living in the Caribbean.

Maybe Columbus didn’t have it so bad?

Las Terrenas is busy; Las Galeras somewhat less, and Playa Rincon is sleepy. Enjoy.

Playa Rincon – Beach Index:

  • Sand – medium grain.
  • Facilities – few, some food huts.
  • Shade – palms, trees.
  • Sports – none.
  • Notes – pretty deserted – enjoy!

When I visited this area earlier this year, I was so impressed, I’ve decided to invest in real estate here. A nice home right on the beach would suit me fine. OK, doesn’t have to be year-round or when the hurricanes are moving in, but it would be paradise to get away from the rat race. And did I mention the cost of living here is cheap?

A very special thanks to Tony van der Heijden of Immomexx for these pictures. Please visit his site http://www.dr2007.com/ for information about Real Estate in this super hot area of the Dominican Republic.

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