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Samana Peninsula

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Considered by many Dominicans and visitors alike to be the prettiest part of the Dominican Republic, the Samana Peninsula is a naturalist’s delight! Unspoiled white-sandy beaches, coconut-covered mountains, clear mountain streams winding through lush, tropical rain forests, vibrant coral reefs, internationally known humpback whale-watching and many other attractions, a vacation of adventure is awaiting your discovery. If you like white sandy beaches, palm trees, luxurious vegetation, clear blue seas, lots of sun, tropical rain forests, clear mountain streams – then you’ll love the Samana Peninsula. Well, if you look at a map of the Dominican Republic, Samana juts out from the eastern coastline. The Samana Peninsula has been popular particularly with French visitors for some years. Those French travellers who made Saman?heir ‘journey’s end’ and set up small enterprises on the Peninsula, have since been joined by Italian, German and Spanish ‘small-entrepreneurs’, amongst others, who also decided to make this verdant corner of the Dominican Republic their home.


This airport puts tourists within at most an hour from most Samana peninsula destinations. Overnight there, and the next day take a domestic commuter flight into Portillo air strip on the north side of Las Terrenas, or the bus to Sanchez (juncture point for public transport to Las Terrenas). It is located on the Samana Peninsula, a little discovered area of the DR with some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. You can walk for miles along beautiful palm treed beaches with delightful small hotels and condos .no High rises! Team up with some friends-live in it-rent it out or do a combination of all but do not miss out on this awesome Real estate investment in Las Terrenas Samana Peninsula Dominican Republic!

Beach Cayo Levantado Peninsula Samana Dominican Republica Caribbean (myself)
Beach Cayo Levantado Peninsula, Samana, Dominican Republic

Located on the north coast of the Samana peninsula, Las Terrenas beach stretches one mile on either side of the town. Speckled with coconut palms, it’s the perfect destination in which to enjoy a mix of sand, surf and shade. Descendants of the original settlers called Americanos still live around the town, which is on the south coast of the Samana Peninsula. Some residents speak English as their first language.

Las Terrenas
Las Terrenas

Over time, sediment filled the channel, joining it to the mainland to form a peninsula. Although it was one of Columbus’ stops in 1493, it was not ‘officially’ founded by Spain until the arrival of people from the Canary Islands in 1756. With a world-class beach, Playa Rincon, as the crowning jewel of all the Caribbean’s beaches, the adjoining bays play host to some 9 beaches, with each one being a picture-perfect, postcard-like setting for a carefree, tropical vacation. The main beach of Las Galeras is at the very end of the North Coast Highway, the village’s principal street.

Map-Samana Peninsula
Samana Peninsula

In addition, as Dominicans are often quick to point out, their land was the setting for Christopher Columbus’s first colony, La Isabela, and Spain’s first New World city, Santo Domingo, at the end of the fifteenth century. Though the island quickly lost this foothold, the events that took place during its brief heyday did much to define the Americas as we know them. Take a look at some photos of the most beautiful places in Santo Domingo. From the Colonial Zone, to the most chic and glamourous restaurants. Minister Perez also announced that the new highway from Santo Domingo to Samana is steady going on and will be finished in 2008.

Map-Dominican Republic's Location

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