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Isla Palominos – Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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Isla Palominos Fajardo Puerto Rico

Fajardo is very beautiful. We love these types of port towns that seem to have been here forever. A major boating center, Fajardo has many charters available to visit the nearby islands. But let me tell you the diving and snorkeling off the coast here is spectacular. Because of the offshore reef, the shoreline in many areas is calm and since there really isn’t any beach around Fajardo, except for Seven Seas Beach, the water is clear.

El Conquistador Isla Palominos Fajardo Puerto RicoThe El Conquistador Resort & Golden Door Spa has an exclusive lease on a near by island called Isla Palominos. Imagine being ferried off to the 100 acre paradise through cobalt blue seas. The resort has a catamaran that takes you from the hotel out to the island. And the beach here is white!

When coming, don’t forget the essentials of suntan lotion and even some bottled water. Yes, they sell it out here but don’t let a $20 tube of lotion put a crimp on your vacation plans. You will find everything you need here and if you do forget it, and you don’t want to spring for the luxury, well, El Conquistador has shade all around the resort and very close to the beach. In fact, if it weren’t for the humidity, that there is very little of, one would thing they were in St. Tropez. Yachts and other private boats make their way here as well and it’s a magical scene. Don’t miss this if you’re anywhere near the area.

El Conquistador runs a full-service water-sports operation, along with something for those who’d rather stay above water: a putting green. We found Isla Palominos to be wonderful, with a sweet cafe that caters to almost every need.

Along the north side of the island is Sunrise Cove, and Hidden Cove, both clothing-optional beaches. Make sure you take your sunscreen.

El Conquistador Isla Palominos Fajardo Puerto RicoEl Conquistador Resort & Golden Door Spa has around 1,000 rooms, with 16 cafes and restaurants, with a Mahattan’s Strip House that’s hard to beat. The Arthur Hill golf course has breathtaking views. And they recently updated the casino here. Well worth the visit. Take time to enjoy the fresh ocean breezes here. We found them quite invigorating, especially since we didn’t go in the water. Where is my snorkel gear when I need it?

Isla Palominos – Beach Index:

  • Sand – fine white powder
  • Facilities – full
  • Shade – umbrellas, some trees
  • Sports – full water-sports facility. Snorkel, diving, windsurf, kiteboard.
  • Notes – a $12 million water park now open.

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