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Montones Beach, Isabela – Puerto Rico

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Montones Beach, Isabela - Puerto Rico

There are numerous great condos in the area, some right down on Montones Beach, Puerto Rico. If you are the owner of a vacation condo, and would like us to link to you, please write us here at Three Best Beaches. Montones Beach in Isabela is perfect for families, but often we saw just one or two people out. The thing is, the beach is so long and nice, you just find your spot and there you are in paradise.

Montones has some interesting outcroppings of rock which serve to protect the shore and makes for great swimming. You won’t find a better swimming beach in all of the Isabela or Aguadilla area because the Atlantic Ocean just doesn’t let up on this shore. However, other beaches in the area have coves but with strong undertows which are very dangerous.

Montones Beach, Isabela - Puerto RicoWhat happens is that as the tide goes out, combined with the heavy Atlantic current, flow is out toward open sea and at times the surface appears calm – but danger is still present. People die off these beaches every year – but you can be smart by staying in the shallows and by using Montobes Beach for swimming.

The shore break here is worth respecting. It can be unfriendly at times. Use caution if you see that the waves are breaking right at the shoreline. That said, there’s a really cool natural pool on the east end – you’ll see it when you arrive at the beach – that is formed by a sand dune on one side. Take the kiddos there and spend the day. Because of the calm shallow water, it’s really warm and fun.

Unlike Jobos Beach, Montones has no bars or restaurants surround the cove. You are basically on your own – but we found a small store nearby with facilities. Let us know if you find more available here.

Montones Beach – Beach Index:

  • Sand – coarse, soft
  • Facilities – few and far between
  • Shade – palms provide some relief
  • Sports – swimming, kiteboarding during winter months
  • Notes – check vacation condo rental sites for lodging

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  • Frank May 16, 2010, 5:56 pm

    The summer of 2009, the Wife and I and 6yr old grandson spent sometime at Montones Beach, Isabela, and I highly recommended it for families with small children. There is a small shack with excellent food suitable for children. Can’t wait to go back this summer.P.S. it’s better to go on a week day, weekends are to crowded and parking is limited.

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