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Playa Fajardo Snorkeling – Puerto Rico

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Playa Colora has good snorkeling, but you need to be ok with deep water and aware of the currents etc. If the Fajardo playa cars are already gone, you can still take the cars on the regular Fajardo plaza route. Unless the driver agrees to take you all the way to the airport or port (they are not supposed to do it) you will end at the Fajardo plaza where you will take another public car to the airport or ferries. You’ll want to go to Playa Colora (Red Beach). We were kayaking in a protected area, so there were no waves – just very calm water. Palominos Island, along with nearby Palminitos island, are located almost directly east of Playa Fajardo, outside the town of Fajardo. You will surely have an unforgettable vacation while you are here at the Playa Canalejo of Fajardo County.


It is a very beautiful beach, with trees lining up the shores. Caribe Playa Beach Resort is located on Puerto Rico’s southeast coast, approximately 40 miles Southeast of Fajardo and 30 miles from Luis Munoz Airport (by air) or 55 miles and 1.5 hours by car. Hotel amenities include the freestyle pool and sundeck, whirlpool, guest library, TV lounge, towls for use on beach or pools, outdoor barbecues, and beach chairs.

Short of renting a sea kayak and taking a more watery route, slow and steady is the only way to make it to the beach. For the more adventurous, exciting kayaking across one mile to the Luis Pena Cay. There is camping on Flemenco Beach, also popular are kayaking, and bicycling.

Off the main highways signs usually show road numbers rather than town names; note that “INT” (for interseccion) above a road number denotes a forthcoming turning onto that road. The lack of any decent maps available compounds the problem, so a compass can come in handy. This road was taking longer than expected so we later turned off onto the main highway.

You could spend a whole week taking in all that Puerto Rico has to offer and not cover one third of what we have mentioned here in this article. Its reefs are popular with sport divers and several Puerto Rico dive operators schedule trips here. Fajardo is a major boating center and it’s Puerto del Rey Marina is the home of 750 ships and is the largest in the Caribbean. Sport-diving excursions are popular activities as well as snorkeling in the calm, clear waters.

3 mamis at Seven Seas beach in Fajardo

Vieques lies a few miles to the south and east of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Most major airlines fly to San Juan, from which one can either take a local airline to Vieques (~$100/pp), or travel by publico (local taxi, ~$100/van) to the ferry dock in Fajardo, about 1.5 hours drive to the east coast of Puerto Rico.

Spanish colonial towns, a lush rain forest, quiet seaside restaurants and golden beaches await you. Culebra’s rugged countryside, outrageous beaches and small-scale tourist industry make the 25-square-mile island a Caribbean treasure for travelers. Local fisherman and boat owners will transport you to Icacos so that you can spend a day on the beach. There is good snorkeling around that island as well; the best is off the western shore.

For $3.00 per person you can ride the bus from town to Flamenco Beach. Once you are there then you will want to snorkel about 45 yards out from shore and then head west. We could either snorkel more or swim to shore where we could walk along the beach. The swim to shore was actually a little bit of a distance so if you’re not much of a swimmer it might be a challenge. Just sayin’…

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