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South Friars Bay Beach, St Kitts

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Though the atmosphere on the southern end of Friars Bay is usually pretty lively, families will still find plenty of space to relax, while the water offshore is safe and warm year-round. Surfers and those looking for a more windswept beach experience will want to visit the north end of Friars Bay where the rockier shore meets the majestic Atlantic Ocean. The turn off to Friars Bay is found on the left, 2km north of Marigot on the road heading towards Grand Case. The bay is sheltered with a pleasant beach. Sunshine’s has good food, reasonable prices and a festive but relaxed atmosphere which attracts a mix of cruisers, locals and tourists. We met some interesting folks, including the owner and crew of a newly launched “First Rule Twelve” boat (design circa 1909) named Kate.


At Trunk Bay, you can rent snorkel gear and there’s an underwater snorkel tour which is quite cool (self guided). John has a number of shops in Cruz Bay and a few art and funky local shops scattered around the island. There are significant pockets of poverty in Negril that many tourists never see. One morning, Brother Mark took two volunteers and me on a visit to a number of elderly shut-ins and other people in an economically depressed area of the town. Tourism is a driving force in the country’s economy so the state of its beaches is of major importance. We’ve found more than a dozen beaches that any Caribbean connoisseur would want to visit on a complete Tour de French-side beaches.

[singlepic=1,400,,,left]This is gorgeous, low surf, crystal blue with thin white sand beach. I was surprised that the entire beach is white. There are a few beach bars. The typical conditions of the beach are calm but waves can be present on occasion. The beach offers a great lolo (BBQ shack) for lunch and drinks as well as beach chair service.

You really need a car to enjoy the many beaches that St. Kitts boasts – from quiet and deserted to very bustling – so settle instead on touring around and taking in the lushness and wonderful ocean views this island has to offer. The cab drivers were polite and their vehicles are all fairly new. Friar’s Bay Beach Cafe, has live music on Sundays from 6.00 to 9.00pm and offers late lunch from 12 noon to 5pm. So, spending a day at Friar’s Bay can be fun for all family members!

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