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Flamands Beach St Barts

St Barths is one of the Caribbean’s most popular destinations for topless and nude sunbathing, so even if you’re not prepared to show it all, be prepared to see it all. St Barts vacation packages abound and the one we hear the most about is The hotel Saint Bart Isle de France which is the perfect place to settle into laid-back island life, in a prime beach front spot overlooking the Baie des Flamands or Flamands Beach. Some have been to St-Barth during the month of November at the Hotel Baie des Anges in Flamands. They said it was absolutely beautiful. Take a look for a moment at this video and tell us what you think.


St Barths natives own and operate one of the great restaurants on the island. St Barths food fare: spiny lobster, accras, cristophine, etc. – you can’t find a bad plate of food here. And culinary goes way back through the centuries. In fact, St. Barts was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, and kindly named after his brother Bortolemo. It wasn’t until the 17th century when immigrants from Brittany, Normandy, and the French inhabited island of St. Barts. So there’s French influence all around. But delve right in to the Caribbean culture sure to make you want to either move here or keep coming back for more.

Anse de Flamands, St Barts

St Barts’ Flamands Beach is the best beach on the island, yet its serenity and seclusion behind towering ficus bushes and stone walls offer you a unique feel on this Caribbean nation. The smooth sand and turquoise water manages to combine in equal measure the three things for which St Barths is famous. Hotels have a refined, stylish atmosphere, with sleekly designed rooms and an understated air, its setting is exquisite, some right on a stretch of sand on Flamands Beach and the other in a very pretty tropical garden tucked into in a steep sided valley, and its restaurant, set above the sand.

Taiwana Club and Flamands Beach, St Barts

St Barts’ most beautiful beach. Uncrowded and leisurely, Flamands Beach beckons back visitors year after year. There aren’t many waves, the sky is blue, the water inviting – really couldn’t find anything wrong with this beach and we recommend it to you from Three Best Beaches. In fact, this is one of those picturesque places where you can get above the beach area and take some pretty nice photographs. The higher you get, the easier to see why people just fall in love with this place and feel. You can only go wrong if you skip the suntan lotion and burn. Otherwise, you’ve found a nice piece of paradise here. Remember, most things are imported here, so they’re naturally more expensive. Food is one of the most expensive commodities on the island.

Flamands Beach St. Barth's

There are a few small and old typical Saint Barth’s fishermen beach front style house, situated on the beautiful beach of Flamands. These are villas with two floors and a large terrace facing the beach and the ocean. Many people simply get a car rental and drive to their villa for a wonderful vacation away from home. Villas are set in a garden, and beautifully furnished. What is really amazing is that you can be right on the beach and walk out your door and down to the water without leaving the property. They come in all price ranges, so make sure you shop around and secure a deal from your computer before making your way here.

The best way to do this is to use some of the resources we give you here on St. Barts. Look for the best deal, but remember to get all the detail you need before finalizing anything. It’s hard to go back and order something once things are drawn up.

Christmas on St Barths

The water is clear turquoise and the sand is bright white. Beaches are never crowded. This is Flamands Beach on St. Barts.

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