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Dawn Beach St Martin

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St Martin/Maarten or any of the Caribbean islands for that matter is much stronger than what you are used to at home. An SPF 15 or higher sunscreen lotion is recommended by most doctors to insure some sun burn protection. Our first Caribbean cruise was immediately after a small hurricane in Oct. The seas were rough, and the captain decided to bypass St. Martin. If you plan to snorkel here, watch for the cross current and be careful when the trade winds are strong. Dawn Beach offers white powdery sand and is located on the eastern side of the island. Enjoy the marvelous water colours, have fun while snorkeling at the coral reef. The island’s 39 beautiful beaches provide a variety of choices as well as opportunities for diving, snorkeling and sailing. Duty-free shoppers flock to Phillipsburg (the Dutch Capital) and the waterfront market in Marigot (the French capital), one of the most charming towns in the Caribbean.


The snorkeling right outside your room rivals places we’ve been in Hawaii (where you almost always have to drive somewhere). My wife is a diver and I finished my dive certification with a dive shop just 150 yards down the road (Octopus Diving). Martin’s best sources for snorkeling and other beach diversions is Carib Watersports (tel. The main allure, however, are the guided snorkeling trips to St. Martin. Take a five minute walk to Dawn Beach, renowned as the best snorkeling beach on the island and stroll down the beach to Busby’s where local Caribe beer is 75 cents every afternoon.


Guests excited to snorkel must find their way to Orient Beach. A few hundred yards to the west is Smiths Reef – probably one of the best snorkeling spots on the island. Dawn Beach has been designed to provide every possible comfort to its occupants including an elevator which services all 3 floors. Also available on the beach are kayaks, snorkeling gear, and non-motorized watercraft. A whirlpool adjoins the swimming pool.

Ideally located for shopping, restaurants, and casinos, Royal Palm is the ultimate. The restaurant at Loterie Farm is also worthwhile a trip, even if you are passing at the challenging Fly Zone event! Resort features two restaurants, pool, whirlpool, massage therapy 7 days a week, full gym, water aerobics. Resort is located right on Dawn beach, chairs and umbrellas are free to all guests.


The hotel also still has a pretty unfinished look on the outside (and there is still construction of condos going on on the property). People who come to this resort and never go to other parts of the island are missing out and are a good example of why Americans have the reputation for being uncultured, untraveled, and unsophisticated. Here are the details of the hotel and of my trip: Location – The location of the Westin is about 35 minutes away from the airport. It costs $30 each way and probably more if you have a . As you would expect, some are developed and very lively, with hotels or a line of beach bars, but there are other quieter beaches where you can get away in relative seclusion. With its coral foundations, the island has excellent light coloured sand which washes ashore in mounds against a superb, translucent blue sea.

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