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Best Beaches on St. Croix

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Isaacs Bay St Croix USVI

One interesting thing about St. Croix is that there were actual Carib Indians living here when Columbus discovered it. These guys were cannibals, so the Spaniards claimed, and called them Carribales. And that’s where we get the word Caribbean… or land of cannibals.

They’re long gone now, and what’s left is the land they enjoyed for centuries before the New World introduced slavery and disease. Wow, what a down note to start out about beaches! But tuck that history in the back of your mind and lets look at these beaches together and imagine a different place with natives living off this paradise.

You don’t need apersonal invitation to visit St. Croix, but that’s just what the beautiful palm-lined,sun-kissed beachesdo. Spend a few hours or spend the day, thesemiles of white golden sand and turquoise waters offer an enticing way to relaxor to brush up on yoursnorkeling or diving.

But that’s not all. The many trails on St. Croix that weave along the shore and through the hillsides will make you wonder why you’ve never visited before.

Most of the beaches have full-service facilities. Some are very secluded. No matter your taste, you will certainly find one that suits you.

Protestant Cay, St. Croix, USVI Protestant Cay – Located just off the shore from Christiansted, a short ferry ride to paradise in St. Croix.
Buck Island, St Croix Buck Island Reef National Monument Beach – Just 1.5 miles off the northeast coast of St. Croix, the National Monument is 880 acres of land and pristine water. Sunken slave ships make this a historical site.
Cane Bay, St Croix Cane Bay Beach – Dive? You may know Cane Bay Wall. But swimmers are in for a treat. Nice clear water, beautiful reef. Time for a Caribbean vacation!
Beach in St Croix USVI
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