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Brewer’s Bay Beach – St. Thomas USVI

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Brewers Bay Beach St Thomas

No, it wasn’t the college students at the nearby university that gave this beach its namesake. And I’m not sure where Brewer’s came from, but there are a couple of places in the Caribbean called that. The bay is really pretty and the sand is simply brilliant white. This contrasted with super blue sky and emerald water, just pull up a beach chair and something cold to drink and I think I could stay here for at least a day. And here you don’t even need to pack a lunch!

Although it’s billed as one of St. Thomas’ more popular beaches, Brewer’s Bay is not one of the best. Popular because it’s near the University of the Virgin Islands in the southwest of St. Thomas. But don’t expect those awesome reefs of coral near the shore.

In fact, at Brewer’s Bay Beach, we thought the best thing to do is just relax in the sun and bring along a good friend, or a book you need to finish. It’s tranquil here, and there are facilities right at the beach.

Brewers Bay Beach St ThomasBeach vendors will be able to sell you a light lunch along with drinks. Seems the tradition from other beaches across the world is set here as well. Vendors often have something you’re not like to find elsewhere in souvenirs and guidance.

This beach is big – almost the size of Magens Bay. Where Magens has rock among the sandy bottom, promoting great coral growth, Brewer’s Bay has none.

Don’t confuse this beach with Brewer’s Bay, Tortola. We cover that on our site on Tortola. St. Thomas has many, many options for beaches – so many, you’ll soon find your favorite and the exploration will end there. Try to squeak out a few more adventures so you don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime treat.

From downtown, look for the “Fortuna” bus that’s westbound. Get off right at Brewer’s Bay, across the street from the Reichhold Center.

Brewer’s Bay – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – white, medium grained.
  • Facilities – full service.
  • Shade – look for trees along the beach line.
  • Notes – near the University, can get crowded.

Okay, it has bathrooms and a lifeguard, and it’s the beach named after a famous American aviator NEXT! >>

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  • James murphy August 5, 2020, 9:25 am

    Great peaceful beach for swimming and sun bathing and views. The university is just behind up the hill. Showers and food trucks. And no big crowds only a few very few people on our trips there, clean and beautiful sand and moored boats off shore

  • James murphy August 5, 2020, 9:35 am

    Great peaceful beach ,white Sand. Pristine water only a handful of bathers good free parking , showers, a couple of food trucks, immaculate beach sail boats anchored off shore across from university and not any tourists they dont frequent here nothing to sell and access is free . Continue beyond the beach and the views are great in the non commercial residential area for miles. This part of the island is quiet and prety much void of tourist vans.

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