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Buck Island Reef National Monument Beach

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Buck Island Reef National Monument Beach

Buck Island Reef is 1.5 miles off the northeast coast of St. Croix. It is a National Monument consisting of 880 acres of land and 704 acres of water and coral reef. If you are someone who snorkels, or are thinking of taking up the pastime, Buck Island Reef will be paradise. Scuba divers also enjoy the deep grottoes and labyrinths. Makes me want to break out my C card and log book and find a nice dive shop that can show me the best dives. Take your camera.

Just take a look at that water and you’ll know immediately why people fly from all over to experience this famous beach and National Monument. And the water is pretty warm, too. Calm and clear on most days, you can see for a hundred feet without any problem. Fish are plentiful and there are time that people take bits of food out to feed them. It’s a feeding frenzy that is fun to watch even though there are the conservatives that say we shouldn’t be feeding them anything. And now onto a little bit of history on this area. Remember this part when you’re down there and it will be even more fascinating.

Buck Island Reef National Monument BeachBuck Island Reef is a must see. Not only is the beach one of the best in the Caribbean, the area contains significant cultural and historical objects. In March 1797, the slave ship Mary, captained by James Hunter of Liverpool, sank here, and its cargo of 240 slaves was saved and brought to Christiansted. In March 1803, the General Abercrombie, captained by James Booth of Liverpool, also wrecked in this area, and its cargo of 339 slaves was brought to Christiansted. Slave shipwrecks in U.S. waters are rare. The monument contains remnants of these wrecks. Other wrecks may also exist in the monument.

Again, like Protestant Cay, it’s offshore and you must charter a boat or join a group going out to the Island.

Protestant Cay USVIBut how cool can it get to simply jump off the boat, don your flippers and mask and explore some of the best coral reefs in the USVI? If you go as a family, one can explore below the water while the rest take advantage of the sun, sea and gentle breezes.

This beach is highly recommended. Do some research before you come so when you’re here you can fully appreciate the magnitude of the duty of this National Park. Now, let’s head off to Protestant Cay Beach.

Buck Island Reef National Monument Beach Index:

  • Sand – darker, yet soft, medium grain
  • Facilities – full-service
  • Shade – none
  • Sports – some snorkel rental, but make sure you bring at least for one person. You don’t want to miss what this beach has to offer.
  • Notes – we highly recommend this beach; don’t miss it
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