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Lindbergh Beach – St. Thomas USVI

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Lindbergh Beach - St. Thomas USVI

For whatever reason I always thought that this would be a great beach to come to simply for the historical reasons. In my book Lindy was a pretty great hero and even though his political views can be debated, he made some wonderful contributions to flight. Even though Lindbergh was buried in Maui, there are places all over the globe that bear his name. One of my favorite beaches on St. Thomas is this bay mainly because of the way the shoreline curls around and the rocks jut out of the water. The beach here is fantastic as well.

Sometimes named Lindbergh Bay or Emerald Beach, Lindbergh Beach was named after the famous American aviator, Charles A. Lindbergh. Here again, there are two hotels that anchor the strip. On one end we have the Emerald Beach Hotel, and on the other we have the Island Beachcomber Hotel.

Lindbergh Beach - St. Thomas USVIIt’s a tranquil beach, seemingly good for relaxing with a book or just blocking out the world. There are rentals for all water sports at the hotels. But, the beach here isn’t good for snorkeling. The bottom is mainly sandy.

Because of the quiet surf, the locals have made this their place to meet and relax. And, there’s even a playground on one end of the beach, it’s the perfect place to bring their families – and yours, as well.

The hotels serve drinks out on the beach and the sand around the facilities is kept clean. There are a few restaurants at the hotels and open-air bars, always fun.

Lindbergh Beach is located just west of Charlotte Amalie. You can reach it by taking the Fortuna bus going west. Taxis and rental cars are also great options for you.

Lindbergh Beach – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – soft, medium grain, white
  • Facilities – full service
  • Shade – sea grape and palm trees abound, umbrella rentals.
  • Sports – rentals available at the hotels.
  • Notes – child friendly, used almost exclusively by locals, political rallies sometimes held here.

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