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Morning Star Beach – St. Thomas USVI

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Morning Star Beach - Fisherman's Reef, St Thomas, USVI

Want to get in a good beach jog? This might be a favorite, except the beach is relatively narrow and you’d be tilting when running one way, and the opposite on the way back. Since this bay is open to the ocean it can get a little rough here. Some people tend to hang out high on the beach, or venture over to the rocky area and gather amongst the rocks. Know that when you’re walking around this area. More than once you’ll walk up on somebody or a couple who are secluded, or at least trying to be. Nevertheless, this is a nice piece of beach and a wonderful morning beach to take in nature.

On St. Thomas’ South Side, near the Marriott Frenchman’s Reef Beach Resort is Morning Star Beach. Morning Star faces what is also known as Frenchman’s Bay – and many locals simply call this Frenchman’s Bay Beach.

Morning Star Beach - Fisherman's Reef, St Thomas, USVIMorning Star starts at the Marriott. As a matter of fact, the best way to get here is to use the cliff-front elevator near the resort. The beach then runs along a line of condos and greenery. It’s nice, but the water can get a tad rough as it faces the open ocean.

Supposedly because of the difficult access, Morning Star has become known as a more liberal beach. Younger crowds hang out here, many of them gay, and you’ll find skimpier bikinis here than anywhere else on St. Thomas.

The Morning Star Beach is about two miles east of capital Charlotte Amalie. It’s easy to get a taxi here. And once here, there are full facilities. Everything from beach chairs to snorkel gear, floats to sailboats can be rented.

Morning Star Beach – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – light brown/gold, coral/rock based.
  • Facilities – full service here.
  • Shade – umbrellas can be rented, or beach tents.
  • Notes – young crowds, choppy water.

Off to the West End of the island where we’ll find a beach named after a famous American aviator. But before we do – we must visit the beach with the clearest water on St. Thomas – Next >>

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