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Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Pylaros, Greece

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Myrtos Beach, Crete, Greece

Myrtos is a very wide beach on the isle of Kefalonia (or Cephalonia), and is well worth a visit. Because of the color of the sea and how the mountains of Agia Dynati and Kalon Oros come rushing down into the sea, it is a breathtaking beauty. This beach is made up of smooth tiny pebbles and you’ll need your Havaianas here to keep your feet from getting bruised up. The beach is easy to reach by way of bus or car from Agia Efimia.

The NE coast is made up of sheltered rocky coves and shingle beaches offering secluded bays and traditional fishing villages. The North and South offer long sweeping sandy bays and the expected commercialism. The northern rocky coastline has small and clean, pebble beaches whilst those on the southern shores are long and sandy. Kefalonia is just waiting to be explored and with a good road network the island is ideal for driving. Nearby Emblisi Beach , edged by interesting rock formations, is composed of small white pebbles, so be sure to bring a mat.

Emblisi beach, Kefalonia, GreeceIn Fiscardo you will have to get into the sea from rocks, but the water is crystal clear. Petanias is also a nice pebble beach. Drive around the coast, especially the east and stumble across small beaches scattered amongst rocks and trees, under the main coastal road. When Zeus gained power, he obliged Kronos to throw the rock in the site of Agia Dynati. At ancient times, Pylaros must have been inhabited, but remains haven’t been discovered yet.

The water is beautiful here and the whole area is flanked by rock faces which are cream in colour with dashes of greenery. The sea is calm with tiny waves. Caves and rock arches add to the interest, and the clarity of the waters, make this island a fine diving and snorkeling venue. Neighbouring Antipaxos, just 10 minutes away by motorboat, also well known for its hidden beaches. It sits at the bottom of a steep and winding road tucked in the cranny of the isthmus and a a huge rock topped by a Venetian castle. No beaches exist but there are small coves accusable by boat.

Just before you reach Lassi there are small coves of pink sand, sea caves and rocks to be found at GRANDAKIA, an area ideal for snorkeling. Access is by a rough dirt track and a snack bar serves basic food and provides sun beds. At the bottom there is a lovely little bay, with soft sand and clear water with plenty of rocks dotted about in the bay. To the right there is another even nicer bay just around the headland. From Vai’s car park, it’s a 10-minute clamber over rocks to the beach.

Venetian Fortress Assos KefaloniaAssos is a significant historical site on Kefalonia. The spectacular Venetian fortress of Assos is one of the two that can be found on the island. Spartia is a beautiful village situated on the southern coast of Kefalonia. On this page you are provided general travel information about Kefalonia Greece and holidays in Spartia. A property in Lefakada means residing in one of the top windsurfing resorts in Europe whilst propety in Kefalonia puts you a stone’s throw from the magnificent Myrtos Beach, widely regarded as being the loveliest in the Mediterranean.

Native to Kefalonia are some of the best beaches in Greece. Hire a small boat and spend the day visiting tiny isolated beaches and coves all along the pretty coastline. It is not only known to the local Kefalonian’s but is also well known throughout Greece. This beach has been described by many as simply “breathtaking” and as a “little piece of heaven”.

Greece and the Greek islands have been tantalizing travelers for centuries. Find out the popular things to do like visiting Athens, the Acropolis, or the islands of Santorini and Crete. Greece has always been a popular honeymoon destination. It is famous for its huge mountains and peninsulas.

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  • john-travel November 12, 2008, 1:18 am


    Nice place to visit on a holiday for calm and free set of mind.

  • ΑΙΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΗ ΚΟΚΚΙΝΗ December 16, 2008, 4:19 am

    paradeisos…den yparxei…mageia….!!!!!

  • Ifigeneia June 7, 2010, 8:36 am

    I visited Kefalonia last year and it was fantastic! I will never forget Assos, the village where I stayed!

  • Paul Dillon September 6, 2012, 1:29 pm

    I recommend Kefalonia. There are many great beaches, it’s a lovely island.

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