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Terracina Beach Italy

Piazza del Municipio also offers a view of the two symbols of Terracina, the incredible sea and the Temple of Jupiter Anxur. On especially clear days you can see the jewels of Campania, the islands of Ischia and Capri. The ‘Parco Nazionale del Circeo’ has an intricate mix of wetlands, beaches, coastal lakes, foret and dunes offering a world of outdoor activities. Traffic noise for 24 hours, Hight club (disco) accross the street entertaining your family till 4am, than at 5am trash and delivery services started. Breakfast was just ”uneatable”. It is a long thin square, on a classical site, but rebuilt in the 17th century at the behest of Pope Innocent X in the high-Baroque style. It is almost entirely enclosed and thronged with people night and day. The main part of the temple is gone, but the impressive vaulted base can be seen for miles, and no visitor to Terracina should miss a trip to the fascinating hilltop site with its superb views.

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The Mediterranean’s temperate climate makes it an important marine habitat for Green Turtles. They like to nest on the sandy beaches of southeastern Turkey, Cyprus, and Lebanon. Known in ancient times as Anxur Tarracina, the city became the second most important port after Ostia. The temple?s architecture is very much influenced by Hellenistic architecture. It is therefore very important to set priorities beforehand by listing special personal interests for a vacation. The rest can be left for another time.

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By taking a short walk in the old town you will discover characteristic shops and establishments, including small wineries, with history everywhere around you. Piazza del Municipio also offers a view of the two symbols of Terracina, the incredible sea and the Temple of Jupiter Anxur. The hotel is close to the town’s main tourist attractions, business centre, shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, making it the perfect starting point for a visit to Terracina. The nearest airport to the hotel is Latina Airport, which is located 41km away. There are a wide range of cafes, bars, pizzerias and restaurants in town, 20 mins walk.

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