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Guincho Beaches Portugal

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Fortaleza do Guincho is located in a spectacular location near the coastal town of Cascais, and is about 30 minutes north of Lisbon. Luxury Butler Travel reassures you that the area surrounding the hotel is simply breath taking with clear blue sea visible from all the sides of the hotel. Guincho is a windy place. To understand just how windy it is, you only have to look at the pine trees on the sand dunes. Guardian of one of the most exquisite landscapes in Portugal, overlooking the ocean and the wonderful Guincho beach, this fully-renovated 17th-century fortress, member of the Relais & Cheaux chain, will astound and enchant you with its myriad charms.

Praia do Guincho (Guincho Beach)

The road to Guincho is also only a 10-min walk. This road has a cycle and jogging track used to pedal, run or walk all the way up to Guincho, the world famous beach. Hot Temptations Recognised as one of the most beautiful beaches around the Lisboa region, Guincho is reputed to be one of the best places for windsurfing in Europe – due to the area’s strong winds and powerful waves. It has played host to windsurfing world championships in the past.

Pedra do Guincho vista de Norte - Torres Vedras

Carcavelos a wide, long beach, very popular and ideal for surfing. Parede climate is exceptionally rich in iodine, ideal for bone disorders. You pause for a few minutes at Tamariz beach, in Estoril, one of the most popular spots. Tamariz is where the main Estoril railway station is located and also the Casino. This is music for your next beach party (hope Johnny and his gang don’t show up!). Or, this is music to listen to while you have a fiesta on a yacht in Monte Carlo.

You will appreciate the 24 rooms and 3 junior suites with their balconies offering a breathtaking view. The hotel does not have a swimming pool as it is situated at the edge of the sea at “Praia do Guincho” (Guincho beach). This is a great sweeping beach with crashing Atlantic rollers and is a superb place for surfing or windsurfing. The road is rather sinuous but very pretty (on the right there is the access to the Adraga beach). The Sintra mountain ends here with a 140 m cliff, the vegetation is low and is typical of this area.

Ingrid!! At Guincho Beach near Caiscais

The Fortaleza do Guincho has 27 restored rooms and suites, all equipped with the last in comfort and technology. Boasting a balcony or terrace with southfacing views towards the sea, or towards the most westerly point of mainland Europe, the marvellous Cabo da Roca. Junior Suites, face the ocean from their opened terrace. Totally fit for working, reading or fantasizing with your beloved one, you will want to spend some of your precious time there.

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