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Magaluf (Magalluf) Beach, Mallorca, Spain

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Since my daughter recently returned from this area of Mallorca, I thought it would be a good idea to share this gem in the Mediterranean. To be fair, she and her husband didn’t partake of a percentage of what Magaluf has to offer; a resort on a grande scale with the backdrop of mountains and three beaches that make your head spin. But let me set the tone here, Magaluf, or Magalluf, as it is also known, currently is a haven for the 18 through 30 demographic. To get to the beautiful Mallorca beaches, you fly into Madrid and hop over by smaller plane, or take a flight directly into the international airport.

Magaluf Royal Beach, Mallorca, Spain

And Mallorca is pretty big, so you’ll need transportation to get from the airport area out to Magalluf. It’s about 10 miles to the west of Palma, the capital of Mallorca, and you’ll probably see more Brits here than Spaniards. They’ve found a new destination in Magalluf and really, all of Mallorca. Other nationalities love it here, too, and mainly for the beaches. So let’s take a look at them.

Magaluf or Magalluf Beach in Mallorca, SpainThere are three beaches here, as I said, being Majorca BeachMagaluf Beach, and Palma Nova Beach. The other two beaches are very similar, but today we are going to talk about Magaluf Beach. The beaches are crescent in shape and you’ll find them wide and very nice. There isn’t much shade, so beach umbrellas are a big item. And planned as if you’d do it yourself, Magalluf has a walk and shops that line the beach interspersed with tastefully decorated hotels, most very upscale. This beach is geared toward that club generation.

It’s not only the awesome nightlife here, but during the day tourist cool off in one of the handful of very well kept water parks with everything from lazy rivers to water slides. A few have their own parties at night, but most everyone heads over to BCM, the largest Magalluf night club which boasts a foam party night that uses three million gallons of bubbles.

Magaluf BCM Foam Party, Mallorca

I know we’re talking beaches, but after the beach fun, this is where everyone goes… but it doesn’t kick in till after midnight.

So if you’re into beaches, or nightclubs – or just a vacation to rival the Obamas, Madalluf is the place to visit. Now – when to do it? Like many tourist destinations, there is a good time to visit and a better time to visit. Madaluf is at its peak in summer and almost comes to a standstill during the winter months of November through March. If you can get in on the tail end of March, you can find a lot of bargains.

Magaluf Beach, Mallorca, SpainAnd finally, the few things I found that weren’t good – if you’re looking for laid back and quiet, Madalluf should not be your choice. It’s loud and lively and party all night here. Way back in the 1960’s and 70’s condo apartments were the thing and some need a tear-down or revamp. Another bother were the many vendors on the street. These guys can be a bother, especially in such a nice resort area as Mallorca – one would think the Spanish government would want to clean it up. Then I have to tell you just to use a little common sense and watch for pickpockets after sunset. They are better than you think and work in teams to distract, normally near crowds.

That aside, Magaluf is a beautiful place not without some problems, but please don’t let this ruin your chance to experience this paradise. Here’s a nice Magaluf map of the whole area.And if you’ve been here, too, we’d love to have your input below – or write a complete review for us on your Best Beach in Magalluf, Mallorca, Spain!

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