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Algajola, Corsica

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Algajola Beach, Corsica

I love the sort of village Algajola, Corsica, is. It’s small and very old in the Balagne Region on Corsica’s northwest coast. Algajola is very old France – built on a rock outcroppings, this fishing village has a very cool citadel. The citadel was built during the Genoese rule. What makes Algajola a beautiful beach village is that the harbor is on the west side of town, and the beach – Plage Aregno – is around 1 km long, winds right to the village.

The beach around the Aregno side of town has finer sand. The closer you get to Algajola, the coarser the sand is. There are around a dozen very nice restaurants and we even found a beach bar. There’s a small supermarket; weren’t you thinking of renting an apartment here on Corsica?

We found bike rentals along with windsurf equipment, kayaks, and boogie boards. And locals tell us the diving here is spectacular. However, the wind can whip up – fun for the windsurf and body boarding.

Snorkeling is good here too, because of the rocky outcroppings that jut down into the water. It’s clear water and mainly sunny skies making for a wonderful beach recipe.

Algajola, Corsica – Beach Index:

  • Sand – medium grain, coral/loam mix
  • Facilities – full. We even found a beach bar.
  • Shade – umbrella rentals
  • Sports – snorkel, windsurf, body board, diving
  • Notes – This is a great get-away-from-it-all beach. Plan a rental here.

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Algajola Beach, Corsica
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