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Beaches South of France

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This beach area is free of crowds except at peak time of summer vacation. If you visit this beach you must walk along the Dune du Pyla, which lies between the ocean and the largest forest in France, Les Landes. If you brought your yacht, as many of the celebrities do, don’t limit yourself to the crowded beaches in the south of France, near the cities of the rivera, cruise up the coast and find a less crowded beach. The long sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast are sunny and sandy, and extensive – so you can usually escape the crowds with little effort. The resorts tend to be very pleasant – clean, lively, and full of the feel-good factor.

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It was truly invigorating being nude on what was a very crowded beach. Whilst swimming my girlfriend found the confidence to remove her bikini bottoms and with some encouragement was prepared to walk from the water completely naked. The beaches in France along the Atlantic are less crowded than their counterparts on the French Riviera, but they offer excellent conditions for surfing and other water sports. The beaches of Brittany on the Atlantic coast of France are simply superb. This direction creates ideal conditions for Super X racing and marks are set as close to the beach as possible so the crowds can get a bird’s eye view of all the crashes, drama and energy at the marks.

I enjoyed it, but beaches were a bit crowded. If you’re into surfing I would recommend staying in a town just north of there called Anglet. The surfing is better, the dunes are arresting and the facilities cope admirably with all the families that Europe can throw at them, with little towel-to-towel crowding.

Thibery (itself over 2,000 years old), you will find a variety of shops including 2 bakeries, a grocery store, flower and vegetable market, a fish market, two restaurants and bars and a hotel with a dining room. You are only a few minutes away from the larger towns of Pezenas and Beziers where you will find larger stores, shops and amenities. Past the campsite and the fishery about 2km form Palavas centre. Car park, eats and loos in peak times E20 to park all day in 2003. They are covered in venom-filled nematocysts used to paralyze and kill fish and other small creatures. For humans, a man-of-war sting is excruciatingly painful, and sometimes deadly.

Brittany Coast with rocks and seaweed in the foreground

This area is not noted for its cuisine, though plenty of fresh fish around. You can get some idea of the regional cooking style from the speciality of Toulouse not too far away – rich cassoulet with maybe confit de canard. Bandol is a little fishing village and home to one of the region’s most famous wines, which you can sample at leisure at one of the cafes on the beach. Most of the vineyards welcome visits to taste, Tempier is one the best known ones, but you can often find a surprise at some of the smaller ones.

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