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Biarritz Beach France

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Modern Biarritz is stylish, attracting a more discreet line in showbiz stars than Cannes or St Tropez. Gabled Basque houses stand near fanciful 19th-century mock chateaux and art deco villas. Without doubt, you will feel the hospitality Biarritz is known for. The petit hotel in Biarritz is located in a quiet street, close to the main beach and the prestigious Casino. Everything is close by to the Hotel, the location is ideal for visiting the town and attractions.

La Grande Plage in Biarritz
La Grande Plage in Biarritz

Biarritz is a Basque name with locative suffix -itz (cp. It has been suggested (disputedly) that the remaining Vikings became “Agots ,” a social group in Gascony not allowed to mix with the population at large. In a general idea, heading towards Bayonne, and then directing on the local by-roads to Biarritz is the most straight-forward route. Biarritz is the surfing capital of France. Each year in late July, cadres of enthusiasts descend on the town for the weeklong Biarritz Surf Festival.


Biarritz is a prestigious seaside resort. The powerful waves of the Atlantic have made Biarritz a surfing venue that is known throughout the world.

Biarritz plan

Great hotel for relaxing, cool rooftop pool and terrace. Transat Cafe on the roof does great lunches and dinners with a fab view. Large private swimming pool. The house is in the Chiberta forest surrounded by the maritime pine forest. Outdoor heated seawater pool, two sandy beaches. Sauna, pitching green, and children’s pool.

There’s a 80FF/night youth hostel that’s a mile or so from the beach near the train station called Auberge de Juenesse (05 59 41 76 00) that’s decent, if a little far from the surf. You can risk car camping at the Cote de Basque or drive down to one of the campgrounds in Bidart, but if you want to do Biarritz right, shell out the 200FF and stay at the Hotel Caralina (05 59 24 42 14) right at Cote de Basque — if the funky postmodern ’70s chic is good enough for Miki Dora, it’s good enough for you. De l’Ocean Hotel is located in the heart of Biarritz, between two beaches, next to the fishing port. Most rooms enjoy an excpetional seaview.

On the Beach in Biarritz

Another good club is the one under the Casino, and the best thing of all is that it is for free and does not close at two or three o’clock like the bars do. Biarritz by night has many to offer-great restaurants and clubs. The beach itself was wonderful.

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