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Calvi Beach Corsica France

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Calvi beach is a beautiful stretch of soft sand gradually leading into the gorgeous blue Gulf of Calvi. Activities at the beach include jet skiing, diving and snorkelling among others. Calvi beach also offers numerous water sports activities – from windsurfing and sailing to banana boating and jet-skis for the more adventurous.

These activities are on offer at various points along the beach. Calvi beach offers numerous water sports activities – from windsurfing and sailing to banana boating and jet-skis for the more adventurous. You can walk to the beach, catch the train from Calvi centre and hop off at one of the many stops or park behind the beach in the pinedes behind one of the many restaurants.

Calvi beaches call; citadel in the background

We enjoyed Calvi beach, Bodri beach and Algajola (shelves steeply but sand less sticky!!) and a good lunch at Algajola at Calvi end. All in all we have had a very memorable holiday.

There are long stripped coastlines like Calvi Beach where travelers can find snack bars along the strip. The beach is also know for its white colored sand bars where in the waters are even shallow enough for children to play.


Indeed Marina Stella has ample private outdoor space with one covered and two open terraces, offering opportunities for shade or sun throughout the day. Marina Stella offers roof top views through the pines towards sea or mountains with glimpses of the Citadel.

CalviSmaller resorts and the mountainous interior are reached only via minor routes and, as local transport (though not unreliable) is very infrequent, we feel that a hire car would be advisable or even essential for the more remote resorts. From here, many organized hiking opportunities. A picnic-excursion to the forest of Bonifato, northeast of the city, is a popular outing for locals and visitors.

Corsica has literally hundreds of beaches, probably the best in France and several among the best to be found anywhere. So when in Corsica where should you head to? It had, what we imagined was, a traditional Corsican feel. The rooms, while basic, were clean and decorated in pastel colours. Specialist tour operator, Corsican Places is offering seven night holidays from just L249 per person in May. With a flying time of just under two hours, travel to Corsica is low-stress and therefore a good choice for families and couples of all ages.

Dad and Dana on the beach in CalviBastia is the nearest large town and ferry port. Saleccia is perhaps the Corsica’s best beach, large, little visited, with perfect soft sand, clear azure water and a natural backdrop. The bedrooms are all well-proportioned and have ceiling fans. The family bathroom has a full-length bath and separate shower cubicle, the second bathroom has a separate shower cubicle.

Because the PLM line of the French railway system provided service to the countrys southern ports, it often advertised the attractions of destinations across the water. The flat bright colors of the figures and fore-ground contrast with the naturalistic hues and shading of the water and town.

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