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Cote de Azur – The French Riviera

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Cannes France

Have you ever thought of renting an apartment here on the French Riviera, with the pristine sunny beaches, the homes perched among the green hills, great cars, superstars – wow – is it really possible? And the answer surprisingly is “yes”. What is unusual here is that you “can” fit in and you “will” find something just for you. The charm here takes me back to the 1920’s. We have all heard how famous the French Beaches are, and even though the composition of the beach may not be fine, white powdery sand, the weather in high season is the draw for thousand who want a chance to enjoy it and take in the vista. Was is ever really about being seen here? Maybe? Still, with the next view on sunbathing here, the attraction is France in its glory. And to think that kings for centuries gazed out over the same sparking clear water.

When you take a moment to take it all in here, you’ll still miss things and then when home you’ll say – wow, I had no idea the sky was “that” blue, or the architecture was that wonderful. It makes little sense to me to see the Cote de Azur and French Riviera as a side trip.

Cote de Azur beach, France

There is simply too much here to see in a few hours. And photos do little justice. Plan a few days, and you don’t have to hotel right on the Riviera.

You can find many options nearby and use your rental car to get around. If you do choose to use the beach, make sure you find a spot close into facilities as these are taken care of. If you’re into people watching at any level, well, then Cote de Azur is your place.

Make sure you click on the images so you can see the best view. Looking for the world class beach with “bling-bling”?

There are a few around St. Tropez along the French Riviera. This area was the hangout of starlet Bridget Bardot, but today the hotels and clubs are packed year-round with Hollywood’s hottest stars.

St Tropez BeachNot far from Nice or Cannes, St. Tropez is a lively town, full of grand culture and shopping during the summer and can be a nice hideaway during the winter months. Hotels abound, and some great bargains can be made if you plan far enough in advance. Tourists planning vacations from all over the world make it once to St. Tropez, and with good reason. The area around the beaches is full of culture, gourmet food and exciting nightlife.

St Tropez BeachThe beach to be seen? Plage Port Grimaud! Wealthy sunbathers and international beach bums cruise the beach. But don’t let the crowds stop you. The Cote de Azur offers exciting beach options for any taste – and I mean any. Plage de Tahiti is notorious for its clothing-optional policy. And if you’re bringing the whole family, make sure you stop by at least one of these gems: Plage de la Bouillabaisse, Plage des Graniers and Plage des Jumeaux, which also offers beach side playgrounds.

Plage de Pampellone has over three miles of beaches and hotels throughout the area. You’ll find yacht harbors all along the famous Cote de Azur, or French Riviera. While you’re taking a break and venturing from the beach or your hotel, check out the open-air markets, boutiques or local groceries. Pick up a bottle of olive oil from the area, or wine.


  • Sand – medium grain, coral/loam mix
  • Facilities – full on all popular beaches
  • Shade – umbrella rentals
  • Sports – some snorkel gear rental
  • Notes – the Riviera is packed with tourists all summer, expect crowded restaurants and even more crowded highways. Best months to visit are June and September, when you can enjoy the beaches and nice summer weather away from the hordes. Last two weeks in July and the entire month of August are hot holiday time for French families and other Europeans on vacation. Plan accordingly. Closest airport – NCE (unless you have your own jet).

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