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Nice France Beaches

You know you want to be here. Just a chance to sneak a view at someone famous or even very good looking – well, maybe both?! It’s here along the beaches of Nice, France, that many who fit that category lay and tan, but don’t get your hopes up too high. Still, you can enjoy the same view, and even some of the same food. The beach here is different, but the smell of the fresh ocean air, and the awesome, breathtaking view is what the French come here for every chance they get.

Beaches of Nice France

Knowing that we probably bit off more than we can chew, we had to respond to many emails about the beaches around the city of Nice, in France. If you follow the basics, you can have an enjoyable time around Nice and the beaches. Here’s what we suggest. There is a lot to see around an ancient city like Nice. You can spend days looking at all it has to offer. Take in the attractions of Nice, France, in the morning hours. Hit a few cafes and have a nice meal. And in the afternoon, make your way down to the beach. The beach actually lines runs the length of the city on the ocean. You can walk it for miles and still be surrounded by vacationers. But find your little part of paradise. It’s not hard and we’ll help you out.

Many of the beaches in this part of France don’t even have sand. They are covered by pebbles which are smooth from eons in the wave action along the shore. Remember that they might not be so comfortable for tender feet. You can buy beach shoes all along the shops that line the shore. But we brought flip flops. In our quest to find a nice area of the beach, we found as you will, the best areas are taken by private concerns, often hotels that line the beach as well. There are free, or public areas. These are well marked so don’t worry. Even if you do get into the private area, you’ll soon be escorted out or asked to prove you … belong.

Nice France BeachesThe best beaches of Nice, France are up at the more scenic end of the city, old Nice, toward the west. We found a few that if you pay their 15 euro fee, you can enjoy your afternoon. I suppose that pays for keeping trash off the pebbles. We didn’t complain. The views were breathtaking and hey, we’re here on the French Riviera!

But we found we couldn’t bring our own food. We did have a bag that contained some goodies. It was frowned upon. Naturally, they want you to use their services. Along with French foods, they had umbrella rentals. You can also rent beach mats which take some of the pain from sitting on tiny rocks.

When you enter, don’t expect to get near the shore unless you ask.  Beach chairs are arranged in rows so you may just get that last row. There is a term used to ask for the ocean-side seats, the premier ligne, or first line of seats. It’s worth it. Again, if you only have limited time, the private beach is the way to go. You may be disappointed with a public area where it can get loud and rambunctious.

Nice France BeachesIf you don’t want to spend the money, but want some of the goodness, find an area close to one of the private beaches – they’re fenced off – and get as close as possible. There you will be able to enjoy the peace as well as the atmosphere. There are many facilities around the area, but like all places, unless you buy something, chances of using the bathroom or shower is unlikely. There are public showers along the beach in Nice.

Best times to visit Nice, France and the beaches is in July and August. It will be most crowded because these are the months the French take off on vacation as well. Plan ahead and use the services of someone who has been there and done it. You won’t be disappointed.

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  • Ellen February 12, 2010, 10:44 pm

    You've given us some insight for a summer visit. Thanks! We went to Nice in October. It was still warm, sunny and beautiful. No one cared that we were on the beach. Of course all the chairs were gone, but on the upside we got to sit on the edge of the beautiful Mediterranean where residents still swam on a daily basis.

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