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Plage de Santa Giulia Corsica France

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Plage de Santa Giulia Corsica FranceTo the south of the Gulf of Valinco , this small fishing town offers a lovely beach at the back of a sheltered cove. Its Genoese tower dating back to 1586 is the largest of the Corsican coastline. While you are winding down after hours at the beach, check out the citadel and museums. We can say that the customer base of this beach is quite well-off. You can find a luxury hotel and a gastronomic restaurant. The beach does get quite busy but wasn’t too bad for June and lots of different people from everywhere rather than being Brits abroad.

Bronzed from Santa Giulia and Palombaggia — the area’s Tahitiesque beaches — crowds in white linen pop into art galleries and gelato parlors. On cafe terraces, glasses fill with rose from the nearby Domaine de Torraccia vineyard and Corsican Pietra beer, flavored with chestnut. Saleccia is perhaps the Corsica’s best beach, large, little visited, with perfect soft sand, clear azure water and a natural backdrop.

BUT, the drawback is a total lack of facilities and difficult access, mainly by 4WD or a summer ferry from St-Florent. It seems clean with white sands and the water is crystal clear and you can swim out to some nearby rocks for snorkeling and there are other water sports available.

stunning Santa Giulia

The best way to reach the beach is to take the boat out of St Florent. This takes 30 minutes. These charming houses are situated within easy reach of the beach and near shops and bars, have recently been renovated and tastefully decorated throughout. Don’t rely on hotels, but try renting residences. You’ll be amazed at how inexpensive this is.

Close to Porto-Vecchio, you’ll find residential villas are ideally located and will allow you to visit Corsica, its nature, its beaches and its mountains.

Mix up some snow-white sands, add a good measure of sparkling-turquoise waters, throw in a pinch of stunning scenery and you’ve got all the ingredients for a beguiling beach getaway. If you’re looking for a slice of the real Corsica with plenty to do, you’ve found your perfect holiday haven.

Turn off here to follow the road down to the car park where you’ll need to leave the car and follow the track on foot, across the railway line and down to the sea. It is about 500m, but worth the walk. Take a taxi to La Tour Fondue, then catch a boat to the island (operated by TLV: 00 33 4 94 58 21 81, http://www.tlv-tvm.com/ ; L21 return). No cars are allowed on the island.

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In recent times, Bonifacio has been well restored, and the network of narrow lanes, twisting and turning up to the impressive Citadel now offers visitors a fascinating and bustling base from which to explore the south of Corsica. Here you can wander amongst the ramshackle medieval houses and boutiques selling handicrafts, jewelery and curiosities.

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