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Rondinara Beach Corsica France

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Make the most of your holiday in Porto Vecchio by hiring a car and exploring all the beauty that the south of Corsica has to offer. The drier Corsican cheeses are usually served with a jam of fresh figs. Cholesterol watchers may have a hard time resisting Corsica’s renowned charcuterie, particularly the tender prisuttu (aged prosciutto) and figatellu, sausage made from the livers of wild boar that have gorged on acorns and chestnuts. We ate outside by the sea – excellent fish – listening to the haunting sound of Corsican polyphonic singing (especially popular with our boy who clapped with delight and shouted yeah!!! I just recently spent about two weeks roaming the south of Corsica (as you may have already guessed) and it was absolutely amazing.


The first half of the trip was spent lounging and roasting on the various beaches that sprinkle the southeastern coastline. Saleccia is perhaps the Corsica’s best beach, large, little visited, with perfect soft sand, clear azure water and a natural backdrop. BUT, the drawback is a total lack of facilities and difficult access, mainly by 4WD or a summer ferry from St-Florent.


Port de Rondinara is a bay that features in all advertisements of Corsica, a moon shaped beach with turquoise water and golden sand. With fantastic all round shelter it give’s us time to slow down to do some domestics. Bonifacio holidays feature a fascinating town on the southern tip of Corsica , normally accessed from Figari airport. The undoubted highlight of holidays in Bonifacio is the famous Haute Ville: a striking ensemble of ancient houses, steep narrow lanes, churches and medieval battlements, spectacularly set on the white cliffs of a long narrow limestone peninsula, and topped by a 9th century citadel.

The port is charming with a real Mediterranean feel to it, surrounded by terracotta coloured buildings. There is only one street on Capraia and its only 800m long and is dominated by the S.Giorgio fortress, built in the 16th Century by the Genoan’s. The buildings that are visible from the beach are authentic, period properties and very attractive. The natural beach environment consists of rocks and cliff faces and is stunningly beautiful.


The hotel’s facilities, a stunning pool, a stylish restaurant set in a glass box, a charming garden terrace, and the reception are located in the main building. The buildings that are visible from the beach are a blend of period and modern properties and very attractive. The natural beach environment is hilly and mountainous and is stunningly beautiful.

The parking can be a problem in high season as the car park is quite small, so you need to get there early. There is a small beach cafe for refreshments. The resort has put quite an effort and money in the signposting, so you can hardly miss it. Decadent, calorie-stuffed temptations include ubiquitous favourites like tiramisu and creme brulee, as well local specialities such as ‘fiadone’, a lemon cheesecake flambeed in brandy. As for liquid accompaniments to your meal, Corsica produces a range of good quality wines, most of which now have AOC status.

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  • Sue Kichenside December 8, 2008, 5:54 pm

    Your piece really informative. Am doing some research for our first trip to Corsica – it would be great if you could let me know which hotel/s you used as your base for exploring the south of the island.

    Many thanks.


  • Dave Jackson December 8, 2008, 5:58 pm

    Sue, the hotel is the Genovese. http://www.hotelgenovese.com/

    Hope this helps! Have a fantastic trip!

    Kind regards

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