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Bathway Beach

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Bathway Beach Grenada

Some claim Bathway Beach in Grenada a dangerous beach. But seriously, you must observe the conditions of the sea. As this video shows, the surf can be heavy on the outside of the rock outcropping that protects the inside of Bathway Beach. When the tide is flowing out, you must watch for rip currents between the rock and the shore. Use caution, but have a great time at Bathway.

When you decide to travel to the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada, you have more to do than choose your hotel. You have to choose between 45 awesome beaches, some with even that interesting black sand!

Now all the beaches on the island are public, so no matter where you are – if you’re on the beach, you’re on public property.

One tip before we start: there are no legal clothing-optional beaches in Grenada.

Bathway Beach

Bathway Beach GrenadaPronounced “bat way”, this beautiful beach is located in Bathway (who would have thought?), in the northeastern part of Grenada. Bathway Beach is popular on the weekends with the locals from this town, a favorite because of the natural shelter from the ocean. Even so, because of its location on the open Atlantic coastline, during the US winter season, waves can get pretty choppy.

Bathway Beach Grenada MapBut don’t be surprised if you’re the only one there on a weekday.

Windswept and framed in jungle green palm trees, Bathway Beach on Grenada is worth the effort to see. Make sure you take time to watch nature and listen to the surf as you sit back and take in Sugar Loaf and Levera Island. These strands of sand are the nesting place for sea turtles. You’ll only catch them at night or see the hatchings at daybreak.

scarlet ibis Levera National Park GrenadaAnd here’s a great tip while you’re in the area. Don’t miss Levera National Park. It is awesome with its 23-acre pond surrounded by picturesque white and red mangroves. This is the largest mangrove garden on the island! Take your camera, as the scarlet ibis makes its home right in the mangrove. You’ll have a good chance of seeing them early in the morning, or late afternoon as they come home to roost.


  • Sand – dark, volcanic/coral mix, medium-grained, fine tree debris
  • Facilities – full service close by
  • Shade – plenty with adult trees and palms along the road
  • Sports – bring your own gear
  • Notesavoid on weekends, very crowded with locals

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