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Levera Beach – Grenada

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I remember back in the Reagan era of an invasion here – not on Levera Beach, but in Grenada – and how swift that was under control. Kind of strange that we don’t remember the details, but it drew attention to this tiny island in the Caribbean where the vibe is normally laid back and cool. Seems that since then people have come to call a few of the special places their favorites, including Levera. And the interesting thing is there hasn’t been even a skirmish since that “invasion” so the political feel has been safe and strong. The beaches are sweet and romantic here with this sleepy one taking our interest.

Levera Beach - Grenada

A beautiful leatherback turtle returns to the sea right here from Levera Beach in Grenada. So peaceful is this beach that this critter goes about the normal business of life at the Grenadian National Park. It’s little wonder that this beach is dear to the hearts of environmentalists everywhere. A perfect spot with perfect conditions. And when you come you’ll see Mother Nature at work.

The best of Grenada’s 45 beaches are on the southwestern part of the island – with the exception of Levera Beach. It’s part of the Levera National Park, and is at the northeastern tip of the island.

Levera Beach - GrenadaBut be prepared. We visited some of the calmest beaches in the Caribbean on Grenada, yet this isn’t one of them. Because Levera Beach fronts the Atlantic ocean, we found there was some pretty rough surf at times.

Because of this, the shoreline tends to drop more swiftly. But then, it’s more dramatic here and makes for some of nature’s best shows. In fact, we found one beach that was a dark red color, probably from the pigments in the cliff right above it.

Levera Beach - GrenadaLike Bathway, Levera Beach is popular with the locals who come here in great numbers during their holidays and the weekends. Don’t plan on spending a weekend here. It’s packed. But during the week – stroll along the beach – be brave and jump in, or just take in the beauty of Levera. The rocky road leading to Levera will leave many to venture the easier reached beaches.

Morne Fendue Levera GrenadaJust offshore here is pretty little Sugar Loaf Island. Covered with green it adds to the spectacular scenery. Nearby you’ll find a mangrove swamp with white mangroves. Grenada recently added Levera Beach to the national park system because it’s an important waterfowl habitat and sea turtle nesting area.

Levera Beach – Beach Index:

  • Sand – medium grain but a dark clay mix. Water can be turbulent.
  • Facilities – none, but a restaurant named Morne Fendue is couple of miles from here. It’s an old (1912) plantation house chiseled out of river rocks. You need to call ahead and they only accept cash. This is ancestral home of the late Betty Mascoll.
  • Shade – many tropical almond trees and adult palms.
  • Sports – some swimming when surf is calm.
  • Notes – a must see.

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