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Maldives Best Beach – Veligandu Island

Veligandu Resort Maldives
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Veligandu Resort Maldives

This best beach is nestled in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, about 700 Km south-west of Sri Lanka. Theory states a volcano may have pushed the ocean bottom near the surface, nature took over creating over 1190 small islands, 200 which are inhabited by the people of the Republic of Maldives.

Veligandu Island is our choice for best beach, and best overall resort. It is accessible from the airport at Male (capital) by plane – a short 15 minute breath taking flight. You’ll fly over many Maldivian islands and reefs, most uninhabited, and land right at the beach.

Veligandu resort float planeAnd what a beach! 80 meters to be precise, of the cleanest sand found in these parts. It’s white with a tinge of gold to give it a warm look. Just offshore you will find the atoll with a spectacular reef full of the most colorful fish. So your choice is to swim in the lagoon, or snorkel out to the inner reef and watch the beauty. Just remember to take one of those waterproof cameras – you’ll want to remember every nuance.

Veligandu Resort MaldivesWe gave Veligandu our highest honor because it is wonderful for both beachside activities such as relaxation and tanning, and has all the amenities of water sports – probably the best diving available in the Maldives. And the resorts are first class. Overwater bungalows are air-conditioned, family friendly, and spacious. You’ll find no complaints.

Book your visit early as Veligandu is popular year-round – however you will have problems finding many people on the beach.

Veligandu resort Maldives

It’s big enough to make you feel you have your own piece of paradise. Expect warm weather and humidity in the slightly damp range – tropical. Gentle breezes will keep you comfortable. Remember to use plenty of sunscreen.

Beach Index

  • Sand – white with a touch of gold, medium/fine grain, no debris
  • Shade – plenty near palms, watch for falling coconuts
  • Sports – full service at the resort, snorkel/dive gear rentals
  • Notes – no crowds – recommended

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Veligandu resort Maldives
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