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Best Beaches of the Middle East

Aren’t we close to the Garden of Eden here? Surely there’s a beautiful beach or two in the area. And with that, we find the Red Sea, and hundreds of miles of pristine coastland simply waiting to be explored. Here, nomads have wandered and set their eyes on this very same water, these grains of shifting sand. Even Moses, Jesus, and the disciples did much of their story on beaches in this area. Historic, inspiring, dramatic, holy, and downright from heaven, the Beaches of the Middle East are waiting to be explored by you.

One thing we know for sure is that there is a lot of sand in this area of the earth, no? So it just makes sense that some of the nicer beaches should be here. But what is different is that there is not the humidity that is necessary for the flora to take hold in a nice way close to the shoreline. Oh well, can one have it all?

Map of the Middle East

United Arab Emirates
Beaches in Dubai Dubai – The spectacular beaches of the Middle East are breathtaking. What are they doing in Dubai? What is becoming of the lavish man-made beaches? Jumeirah Beach and more.
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