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Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

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Most know the wonderful and interesting history of Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Briefly, Arabs living here before the 1960’s were traders and fishermen. The location makes it an excellent place to reside and vacation as you are at the center of many trade routes.

And along the past century, more foreigners started calling Dubai and the Jumeirah Beach area their home. Construction here has just begun to slow down with the onset of a teetering economy, once shouldered by oil. Still, it’s a must see and lined with first class hotels, like the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, to boot.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai

Progress has taken its toll on this area of the world, as well. In January of 2009, there were reports of raw sewage and chemical waste on the beach, so much that Dubai closed a good part of it. This has been reported to have been cleaned up.

There is no topless sunbathing or nudity allowed on any beach in Dubai and Jumeirah Beach is no exception. There are many public beaches along the strip and most believe Jumeirah Beach and Beach Park are the best. Currently the cost to get in the Beach Park is 5 AED/dhms or £1, a small fee for such fun and sun.

Be advised that Monday’s are set aside for women and children only. That’s right, no men allowed on those days. Full of culture, this long strip of sand in Dubai is peaceful and elegant.

Jumeirah Beach Burj al Arab Hotel, DubaiUnlike many places in the world, you won’t find peddlers on the beach. The beach area near the Marina Beach Resort has full showers and many places to eat close to the beach area. The summer can bring very hot temperatures to the area so remember if you don’t have your own transportation, that walking to the main road from the ocean can take a good 5 minutes.

Jumeirah Beach condos DubaiThe best months to visit Jumeirah Beach are during the winter when temperatures are cool enough to make it enjoyable. Tourist still come in the summer, but only walk the beaches at night when the air is cooler.

The beach is located about a 25 minute drive from the center of Dubai and is home to the world famous Burj Al Arab, over-the-top luxury at 321 meters which is lit at night to appear as either water or fire.

A chauffeur driven Rolls Royce tops off the experience that few can fathom. Rooms go from around $3k a night. But who’s counting. We hear it is an experience you never forget. Still awaiting our invitation from those kind people.

The water around Jumeirah Beach is pretty shallow which makes it nice for small children. Lifeguards are on duty along the strand. Find water sports facilities near the hotels. There are jet skis and floats, umbrellas for shade and other amenities. Ask your hotel before you head down there what are the best options. They can be of great help for anything in the area.

Waves do kick up along this beach, but only when there is a good wind. Busiest days are Thursdays and Fridays. By law, Dubai beaches are alcohol free and you won’t find bars nearby.

Jumeirah Marina, DubaiTo get to Jumeirah Beach in Dubai is easy as it is accessible from the major airports in Europe, Africa and Asia.  The international airport DXB or OMDB, is rated among the top 10 best airport facilities in the world.

Once on the ground you can hire a taxi or get a rental for a good rate. Taxis are plentiful and very comfortable and the road system is excellent. You can also hire a car with a driver for your stay in Dubai. Signage throughout the city is in English and Arabic.

We’re pretty sure you’ll love Jumeirah Beach and we want you to know that everyone that goes there comes back talking about the Jumeirah Beach Park. Want to know more? We just happened to do a great review on that and the surrounding area. This is one unforgettable park as everything is done to extravagance in Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach Park is no exception.

Jumeirah Beach composite - Dubai

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