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Bahia Santa Maria – Cabo San Lucas

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Shallow Bahia Santa Maria - Cabo San Lucas

What most beaches lack in nature, Bahia Santa Maria shows how it’s done. Rustic and magnificent, a stroke of wild paints this bay one of our favorites. Find a spot, but don’t stay there. Hike from one end to the other and take the camera. Wildlife abounds more than you’ll see at most beaches in Cabo and for good reason. This is area is protected, which means you can’t take anything but pictures. Leave everything alone and the next visitor and the Mexican government will thank you. Again, the surf is to be respected here and tides can leave you in the muddy flats, so watch your time.

Shaped like a large horseshoe, Bahia Santa Maria – in all its beauty – was designated a Protected Marine Sanctuary by the Mexican Government. Still, you can put in with your snorkel gear in one place God seemingly designed for the family.

Muddy sand on Bahia Santa Maria - Cabo San LucasGentle surf makes viewing gorgo- nians (sea fans) that have made the area along the rock walls their home. As you and your family simply float over the wonderment, dozens of beautifully color tropical fish and other marine life will accent this once in a lifetime outing. It’s simply breathtaking.

And if you don’t snorkel, don’t fret. Bahia Santa Maria is one of the nicest swimming beaches as well. During the morning hours you’ll find the surf right tolerable. From mid-afternoon on, swells kick up and can be a challenge, especially with small children. These aren’t monster waves, just larger rolling waves that can wake you up if you’re not watching for them.

Big sign at Bahia Santa Maria - Cabo San LucasAnother way to see Bahia Santa Maria is by hiring a tour boat, or snorkel tour from Cabo San Lucas. As you make your way out, you’ll pass by the points that make Cabo spectacular, such as the Arch and Land’s End. Bring that camera!

But be advised, there is no shade here. You’re open to the elements, so bring water and an umbrella if at all possible. Oh, and don’t forget your snorkel gear. You can’t rent it at the beach.

ATV's on the flats around Bahia Santa Maria - Cabo San LucasTo get to Bahia Santa Maria, take the highway to Kilometer 13. It lies east of the Twin Dolphin Hotel – just follow the signs there. The beach is a three minute walk from the highway. You’ll notice the path from the bus stop area – or if in doubt, follow the people heading to the ocean. They’re all here to enjoy the same thing: Bahia Santa Maria in Cabo San Lucas!

Bahia Santa Maria – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand -golden, from rock and some coral. Medium to small grain, some silt.
  • Facilities – none.
  • Shade – none.
  • Sports – bring your snorkel gear. Recommended spot.
  • Notes – come early in the day to avoid the hot sun. Remember to use suntan lotion after you snorkel as it washes off.

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