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Los Cabos Beaches – Cabo San Lucas

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Girls at El Mediano, Cabo San Lucas Beach

Once you visit Cabo you’ll know why this was a favorite for pirates. Tall scraggly rocks and beautiful cove hide-a-ways. And when The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men author John Steinbeck wrote Log from the Sea of Cortez, well Cabo became quite famous. Perfect weather keeps tourist coming back to the Baja Peninsula’s prize with golf, stunning terrain, beaches and world class fishing. Did we forget to mention whale watching?

It’s little wonder this is one of the new Hot Spots on many vacation agendas. This awesome wonderland started becoming more popular in the mid-80’s and continues to grow. Find your perfect beach, surfing spot, or sports fishing port. They are all here, and more.

Baja Racing - Los Cabos!Cabo San Lucas is located on the southern point of the Baja Peninsula in “Baja California Sur” in Mexico. It’s around 1,000 miles south of San Diego. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Baja area from the Baja Racing that happens here almost year-round.

Special cars designed to take the twists, turns, bumps, jumps and high speed sand-washes race here. If you’re into that sort of adventure, know that there are many Baja Racing operators throughout the peninsula – and it’s fun!

A little history of the Cabo area: First discovered around the 1530’s by Hernan Cortez. The world was vast with many areas still undiscovered. And since Cortez didn’t find anything he thought of worth, Los Cabos stayed the same for a few more centuries. Indians and a few missionaries lived throughout the land. An occasional pirate ship made San Jose del Cabo and La Paz beaches a stopping place.

Deep Sea Fishing around Cabo San LucasBut it wasn’t until after World War II, Southern Califor- nians realized they could fly to La Paz, then travel the dirt roads to the Mar de Cortes – the word got out that the Mar de Cortes was teeming with fish. If you had your own plane, or your own yacht, you had your own sports fishing paradise.

Bing Crosby, Desi Arnaz, John Wayne among others made this their paradise early on and even built a hotel – members only. Soon, however, Cabo San Lucas was on the map with hotels going up everywhere and a major road coming into the area. But fishing wasn’t to be the only game in town.

Golfing around Cabo San LucasCurrently, six major golf courses are open. Golfing in Los Cabos is World Class. Conditions are great and affordable. There are many hotels and resorts that cater just the golfing community. And, it wouldn’t surprise us with the International airport, hotel space, and wonderful weather, that a major golf championship would be played here soon. The Los Cabos area is perfect for golf.

Beach weddings Cabo San LucasSo as you make your way through the Beaches of Los Cabos, know that Hernan Cortez looked around and decided it wasn’t worth the stop.

And because of that, Los Cabos is now a beautiful resort town – still young enough not to be overdone, and big enough not to be too primitive. Cortez went on to build Mexico City.


  • Ideal for watersports, but not all beaches are suitable for swimming.
  • No established lifeguard program.
  • Some beaches in front of hotels are flagged. Don’t swim when a red flag is flying.
  • Don’t swim alone. Big surf in many areas – dangerous.
  • Use extreme caution when venturing into unknown surf. Stay above the tide line.
  • Pacific beaches are notorious for rogue waves and undertows.
  • Beaches in Los Cabos have few services. Take a hat, sunscreen, plenty of water.
  • Water temperature 70’s in winter, 80’s in the summer.

Now – onto to the many beaches of Los Cabos including Cabo San Lucas and San Jose dos Cabos – NEXT! >>

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