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Los Frailes and Cabo Pulmo – Los Cabos

Cabo Pulmo - Los Cabos

Expect a wild adventure here at Los Frailes and Cabo Pulmo. Two locations that share one thing – they are in the East Coast area and off the beaten path. Wildlife abounds here and makes for some spectacular hiking and kayaking. Still, the beaches are what we are here for and these are worth mentioning. Because they both are amongst the rocks, the water around these beaches is crystal clear. You can snorkel here all day, or find a local dive operation to take you to a few choice spots.

When you get to this area – just head north out of Los Cabos and hang a right at Las Cuevasyou won’t believe your eyes. It is the most spectacular landscape of the Cabo area. And, the home to some of the best in diving and snorkeling. Plus, a treat for kayakers… coming up.

Cabo Pulmo - Los CabosBut first, keep heading east toward La Ribera and Cabo Pulmo as you trek toward Los Frailes – the southernmost East Cape beach. Cabo Pulmo pops up first. It’s a National Marine Park, declared just recently (1995, as far as parks go), by the Mexican Government. So, no fishing here – but! You have 11 (eleven) miles long of shoreline and eight different reefs.

It gets better! In 1939 a Mexican fishing vessel, the Colima, sunk during a storm (wasn’t better for them – but that was many moons ago). It lies in only 18 feet of water – perfect for diving and even snorkeling. The site abounds with marine life and is a must dive if you come to Los Cabos and are planning any diving.

Cabo Pulmo DivingHere are the facts: Visibility ranges from 65 to 100 feet and water temperatures are around 80 F at the surface. Want to make this an extra-special event? At Cabo Pulmo, ask around for Pepe Murietta – he’s said to be the best in the area. Pepe will take you to a beach lined with thatch-huts, where you can frolic with the needlefish, triggerfish, beautiful parrotfish, tigerfish, blowfish, eels – what fun!

Hey, and we said we had something for those who love to kayak. Rent one here and paddle out to the sea lion colony near Los Frailes. Take your camera because you won’t see anything like these guys anywhere. And who knew this was so close to Cabo San Lucas?

Los Frailes and Cabo Pulmo – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – some gray, but mainly coral/shell composition.
  • Facilities – scattered. Ask before outing.
  • Shade – some huts, otherwise open elements – use care.
  • Sports – all water sports, especially extreme.
  • Notes – a paradise. Bring your camera. Recommended.

On our way to the Los Cabos escape – we head to RV nirvana, Next! >>

Los Frailes Sea Lions

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  • Tom Ahto February 18, 2017, 6:22 pm

    I don’t know when this review was published but as of February 2017 things in Los Frailes have changed a lot. And as always the change is to the worse.
    Barbed wired fences have gone up, human and dogshit together with toilet paper all over the place. Especially visitors who only stay a few nights leave a disgusting mess behind. For some reason folks from Colorado are the worst.
    Nobody seems to know about the Marine Park and people are fishing day and night in the park. During the 5 years I am coming to Los Frailes the quality of snorkeling by the rocks has decreased considerably. In a nutshell: Los Frailes is going down the drain. Earlier this year there was an armed highway robbery near Cabo Pulmo ( on the gravel road).
    Cabo Pulmo and Arbolito still seems to be fine thanks to a certain degree of management. But the snorkeling and scuba diving will be suffering due to the decreasing fish stock.

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