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Playa Costa Azul – San Jose del Cabo

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Playa Costa Azul - San Jose del Cabo

You won’t have to bring your surfboard unless you’re totally a pro. Playa Costa Azul in San Jose del Cabo does offer some breathtaking waves. But they also rent surfboards for people of all skill sets. In fact, there are some great places along the beach to just settle back and watch it all happen. If you are going to get out into it, make sure you talk with locals at the shops about the beach and areas of danger, depending on the tides. Most importantly, be safe, have fun. That’s not too much to ask here.

No better way to start off the beaches along San Jose del Cabo than to offer up the Mexican Riviera’s own Blue Coast! It’s Playa Costa Azul and is a famous surf hangout for locals and tourists. Two world class breaks, Zipper and La Roca are right here at Playa Costa Azul.

Playa Costa Azul - San Jose del CaboYou can see the beach from along the highway. Stop around kilometer 27 and take a look. All the way to kilometer 29, this Blue Coast is where the action is at. And it’s easy to get involved.

Playa Costa Azul - San Jose del Cabo

Even if you didn’t plan a surf holiday, the fun on a board can’t be matched – the thrill of riding a wave! It’s not too hard to learn, thanks to the Costa Azul Surf Shop which will not only rent you a board that will be easy to ride, but give you a few lessons and help you get up on your first wave!

There are plenty of nearby services as well. If you’re hungry from a day of surfing, head over to Zipper’s or Dante’s restaurants. From fast food to the local cuisine, you’ll be refueling for another day big waves and sun – you’ll definitely want to come back.

But beware; Zippers and La Roca are intermediate to expert surf breaks. No beginners here. If you’re starting, Costa Azul Surf Shop will start you out where it’s safe for you.

Playa Costa Azul is at kilometer 28 and is accessed by the Costa Azul Bridge. The locals say… you can’t miss it. We say – you won’t want to!

Playa Costa Azul – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – medium/heavy grain, coral/shell/rock.
  • Facilities – around the area, convenience store nearby.
  • Shade – cliffs and palms.
  • Sports – this is surf territory.
  • Notesstay away from the big surf break Zippers and La Roca unless you know what you’re doing. Don’t chance it far away from home. Great photo op beach! Recommended.

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Playa Costa Azul - San Jose del Cabo
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