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Playa Hotelera – San Jose del Cabo

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Playa Hotelera - San Jose del Cabo

When we reviewed this beach, the Playa Hotelera, we thought that Hotelera was kind of a cop out for a name for the beach. Yes, it’s along hotel alley, but still, maybe “Big-Wide Beach” would have been OK. Not complaining, just observing. San Jose del Cabo’s Playa Hotelera is a perfect spot for any string of hotels. Walk out of the hotel and you’re on the beach. Remember the surf here can get wild, so if you venture to swim, ask at the hotel if it is OK. Getting here is not hard, and you’ll find staying in this area very affordable. It is the leaving that always takes a little getting used to.

Just a mile from historic downtown San Jose del Cabo, Playa Hotelera (Hotel Beach), is beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s another one the beaches in the area where you can stay on the sand but out of the water.

The shore runs steeply into the ocean and is dangerous for swimming. Once in the surf, there are tricky currents that wash around the whole Cabo area and have been known to take just about anything out to sea – including people.

Playa Hotelera - San Jose del CaboWell, we don’t want that to happen. But at the same time, we had to tell you about this gem. It’s easy to get to and happening because it’s one of the prime places you’ll find an exciting game of beach volleyball.

Fitness enthusiasts call this beach favorite. It’s compacted perfectly to allow for a nice jog. That makes it a nice people-watching beach in our book. Oh, and you’ll find those dawn and dusk surf fishermen here as well.

Just around sunrise, this beach becomes dotted with those trying to outsmart fish as they begin their search for a morning meal. Try your hand at it, too. If you’re taking a break from sports fishing, head on out to San Jose del Cabo and Playa Hotelera. Morning and evening are the best times as that is when the big ones are looking for something to eat.

Playa Hotelera - San Jose del CaboAlong Hotelera, you’ll find a nice promenade running just south of Plaza Caracol. And if you’re bringing the kids – this is one of the only beaches in the Los Cabos area to sport a play area. It’s across from the Fiesta Inn. Next door is a miniature golf course and the Rusty Putter restaurant. Plan a full day of fun!

We found the Don Manuel Orantes Sea Turtle Camp exciting. Just look for the Presidente Inter-Continental Hotel and the turtles are right next door. The San Jose Estuary is here as well. You’ll have a chance to see some of the most spectacular birds and wildlife – all native to the area.

To get to Playa Hotelera – you really can’t miss it. Walk down through any of the hotels, or open alleys between them, and onto the sand.

Playa Hotelera – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – the gold continues with Hotelera. Little shell/coral, mostly from rock.
  • Facilities – throughout – hotels abound here.
  • Shade – some huts along the beach, especially near the promenade area.
  • Sports – beach volley, sports fishing, jogging, walking.
  • Notes – stay out of the water here. Heavy undertow.

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Playa Hotelera - San Jose del Cabo
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