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Playa Solmar – Cabo San Lucas

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Playa Solmar - Cabo San Lucas

You thought about a vacation to Cabo, and the beach sounds so inviting, so consider you may spend more time there than you planned. Those crashing waves, like these on Playa (which means beach in Spanish) Solmar (and that means sun and sea). Beauty and peacefulness all in one package. It’s little wonder why people book resorts near Playa Solmar in Cabo. Imagine yourself here and what you’d do and we’ll tell you what to expect and how to make the most of your stay in Mexico and with others who are enjoying the sun and surf as well. Sit back and do a little reading here and don’t forget to look through all the other areas of Los Cabos we cover, beaches and all. Maybe you’ll just stay put in Solmar. Maybe not.

Playa Solmar in Cabo San Lucas is the Los Cabos beach best known for whale watching and spectacular sunsets. It’s an easy walk from downtown Cabo San Lucas. The beach is very long, the sand very flat. As a matter of fact, it runs from the rocks at Land’s End then west all the way to the base of El Pedregal on the Pacific Ocean side.

Whale near Playa Solmar Beach CaboAnd what a view for sunset lovers, romantics, people watchers, and yes – whale watchers! From January to March, whales flock to the Los Cabos area. As you stroll along Playa Solmar, you’ll be entertained by these mammoths as the frolic just offshore.

You can also take a cruise to go “whale-watching”. These are organized from town in Cabo San Lucas, or ask at your hotel. Cruising is exciting as you will see the whales close-up. Make sure you take that camera!

Playing at Playa Solmar Beach CaboPlaya Solmar is beautiful – the grain size is medium to heavy and packs nicely. You’ll always see it as a flat golden strand. When the sun is just right, the whole coastline appears to light up. Because the surf is always heavy here, this makes a perfect spot to lay and read a book, or cuddle up and gaze out over the vast ocean.

Sand at Playa Solmar Beach Cabo San LucasfartSolmar is not for swimming. It’s dangerous and has very strong undertows. It’s advisable not even to play in the surf as the waves can get high as they come in sets. The locals say Playa Solmar in not a good surfing beach. There are no lifeguards – stay on the beach here.

To get to Playa Solmar, take Boulevard Marina, go past the Galeon Restaurant and then hang a right on Avenida Solmar. You’ll need to enter the Solmar, TerraSol or Playa Grande resorts to have access to Playa Solmar.

Playa Solmar – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – medium/heavy grain, no silt. Golden!
  • Facilities – resorts, however please be courteous.
  • Shade – none.
  • Sports – none. Do not snorkel, do not swim here. Dangerous!
  • Notes – heavy surf, unpredictable undercurrents. But, recommended for whale-watching!

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