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Hollywood Beach, Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood Beach, Hollywood, Florida
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Hollywood Beach and the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk are worth a visit. This beach is typical of Southern Atlantic beaches with light tan colored sand and wide enough to allow room for a lot of people, without you feeling that you’re going to be crowded, or that you’re crowding someone else.

What is nice about Hollywood Beach is that they figured out the parking problem. There is a nice parking garage which some say can be a bit confusing to maneuver, and plenty of outside parking within steps from the beach.

Beginning of Hollywood Beach BoardwalkHere you will find something going on almost every afternoon. And that’s what will make your vacation stay here worthwhile. If you want to lounge around and read a book for your stay, or simply people watch, you can. But you can also stroll the beach and the famous Hollywood Beach Boardwalk built in the 1920’s and find everything from art shows to live music. But don’t come here if you’re looking for the South Beach nightlife or wild water sports.

Food is close by as well. If you get a hotel near the north end of the beach there is a Hooters and a few other major eateries, but you can simply drive your rental to where most of the smaller Hollywood Beach restaurants are, the south end. And parents, catch this – there is a new park in the middle of the beach complete with water guns and more! You’ll find all you need for a complete family holiday – and we’re not paid to say that. We’re Florida residents, too, and Hollywood Beach is a charmer.

And speaking of charm, this was also a winter hideaway for many folks from up north in the art deco days. Many of the old buildings are still standing, some in better shape than others. The architecture will catch your attention. And in this area you will find some of the best mom and pop motels and Hollywood Beach hotels. Middle class can come here for a very affordable and pleasant vacation. We have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

This long beach starts at the end of Dania Beach Blvd, all the way south to Halandale Beach Blvd. The boardwalk starts around the Summit and continues to North Beach Park. The restaurants and shops are along the boardwalk and there’s a cool outdoor theater on the beach at Johnson Street. Make sure you see the Hollywood Beach map below.

Blue Wave BeachFinally, this is a Blue Wave Beach, which means that it’s clean. You may find some things that would make you disagree with this, but know that it is in Hollywood’s best interest to keep it as clean as possible, and it’s probably a visitor who might not be as tidy as you. We would certainly go back.

Beach Index:

– Clean/Lifeguards
– Parking $1/hour
– Don’t walk in the bike paths
– Beach shoes recommended – sand can get Hot!
– Showers every block
– Flag warns of rip currents
– Winter water temp 72F, in summer 82F
– Some seaweed near shoreline in summer

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